For hundreds of years the white people of the world oppressed and exploited Asia, AgreementAfrica and South America. Western Europe and the United States built empires on the backs and blood of Asians and Africans.

Indians speak English and enjoy afternoon tea. Philippinoes speak Spanish. Africans speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Dutch, French. In Central and South America they got Portuguese and Spanish.

They all got a new religion to civilize them. Queen Victoria owned IMG_0318Kenya, and she gave Mt. Kilimanjaro to the Germans who owned Tanganyika because they did not own a mountain.

Later, Europe and America did not have oil, so they annexed the Middle East.

Well, the world is changing. The Africans are moving north to every country in Europe. They have very little left in their countries. They are going where the riches are. Africans speak every European language and know their customs. They want jobs, education, health care and equality.

Options-Decisions-ChoicesThe Central and South Americans are moving north to the big bad US of A against all odds especially the language barrier. More power to them. North is where the goods are!

And then we have the kidnapped Africans in the US, better known as slaves. Unfortunately, they can’t move north or south. This is their homeland, just as it is the homeland of their former owners – slave owners that is.

The white imperialists / colonialists who oppressed and exploited three continents for hundreds of years are now facing a dilemma. the journeyThe black, brown, pink, green, red, yellow people of the southern world want their piece of the pie. It is pay back time.

The white people are fighting to the death. They are good at stealing but not at sharing.

Well, at least imperialism / colonialism are over. We still have oppression, exploitation and apartheid left in the white world and in America we can add the confederate flag.



May the peace and blessings of God be with everyone observing Ramadan.God-sky

In the western world, the concept of jihad equals all things evil. In the Islamic world practicing jihad is building God-faring character.

Jihad is an integral part of Islam, but it is the opposite of the evil the western propaganda machine paints it to be. Here are several definitions of the concept of jihad:

1:       Every human being fights the conflicts within his heart and soul. Whatever one thinks of as right or wrong, good or evil presents a choice within one’s self. Fighting that wrong or that evil and choosing what is right or what is good is jihad.mosque

2:       In literature, as in life, as a writer or a teacher knows, the characters face conflict after conflict and must make choices. That is jihad.

3:       Every good Christian who fights the Seven Deadly Sins – greed, anger, pride, lust, sloth, gluttony, envy – is fighting his own personal jihad.

4:       Defending one’s religion or one’s belief in Almighty God is Jihad. However, Muslim killing Muslim is not Jihad, and one must separate fanaticism and political war from jihad and

According to Western propaganda we now have jihadists. In Islam there are no jihadists. The word “jihadist” was created by western propaganda and Islamophobia. People killing each other for political gain are not Muslims.

The crusaders were slaughtering Jews, Christians and Muslims in the name of Jesus. Were they fanatics or jihadists? In the US the white supremacists are defending their God given rights to own and make America white. Are they fanatics or jihadists?

DSCF4284Muslims, just like good Christians, fight the Seven Deadly Sins daily. That is inner jihad.

In this Holy Month of Ramadan, inner jihad includes the Ten Commandments of Moses and the Seven Deadly sins of St. Thomas, all of which are positive models to build the character of a good and pious Muslim!



Jesus said: Love thy neighbour as thyself. Obraz 100

Nine people died because of the colour of their skin. God gave us pigmentation, so how can we be guilty of, or responsible for, our gift from God?

Churches used to be sanctuaries where protection from evil or hunger was guaranteed.

Just imagine, but it’s hard to imagine, that he came to church with the premeditated plan to kill black people. Also, this kind of terrorism makes one unsafe and afraid to be “free’ in this country.

Premeditated, cold-blooded, heartless, an act of terrorism, a crime without reason, how can anyone shoot people in a church, in prayer, in the act of serving God?praying_on_bible_red

There is so much hate, racism, prejudice, persecution and oppression in this country that one wonders how America fell to the bottom of hell in less than 400 years.

We, in this land of immigrants and kidnapped slaves, don’t have to love each other (although Jesus did say to love your neighbour as yourself), but can’t we show tolerance and respect for each other? Can’t we accept the neighbour who is different? God’s creation all!

Nine neighbours, friends, colleagues, worshippers, were buried this week because of their colour. That’s a sad commentary on a civilized society in the 21st Century. But then again, this country was built on racism and slave labour.

praying-hands-PencilThe white supremacists in the south lost their slave labour, and they cannot forgive those laws that denied them those rights. Also, they are not about to relinquish their confederate flag and their rights to apartheid.

These good Christians believe in racism, hate, prejudice, bigotry… Amen.

Wonder how Jesus feels about their beliefs.



One realizes that Palestine must try to free itself from Israeli occupation, apartheid, oppression, and IMG_4201exploitation. But it’s difficult without a Gandhi, a Mandela, or a Castro.

Israel treats the Palestinians as America treats the Native Americans. We exterminated the Natives as we cleansed their lands and planted greed and capitalism and dug up gold and minerals.

IMG_4397The Israelis have been exterminating the Palestinians – with America’s blessings – seizing their lands for decades and building settlements. One of Israel’s closest allies back in the day was South Africa. The Israelis helped arm the apartheid government in South Africa who were oppressing and exterminating the black population.DSC02526

In these three countries, Israel, America and South Africa, Europeans stormed in, massacred the natives – be it Palestinians, Native peoples of America, or the real Natives of South Africa, and seized and occupied their lands.

IMG_0832 (2)For the Palestinians there will never be Palestine. It is one of the saddest stories in the annals of history.

For the Africans in SA the sun smiled down on them.

For the Native Americans the struggles continue. The road ahead is bumpy. They are still fighting for their rights, their land, and recognition as the original people of this great land. We Americans gave them citizenship and the right to vote. They are still fighting for a real life on their land – for remuneration for the land we stole. There is still hope!DSCF4284

Israel has not given the Palestinians – whose land they stole – citizenship and the right to vote. They never will.

praying-hands-PencilHow can depraved and deprived white Europeans just walk into Palestine, take away the people’s land and livelihood, and live happily ever after?

They never will!!!

Islamophobia – prejudice and hate – is spreading in America. Muslims in America are experiencing flagdiscrimination in all walks of life and they are voicing their complaints. The media hate Muslims. They are the new scapegoats. Their religion is misunderstood. Their people are persecuted. And so on and so forth. Well, stop complaining and do something about it.

Remember that Catholics and Jews were persecuted when they first arrived in America. For them it was a long battle. It took time and patience, suffering and persecution, but they survived. Every new immigrant group has to be given this welcome treatment.

Today DSC_1414-2Catholics and Jews are accepted, successful citizens of the US. It need not be so, but America was built on persecution, genocide, slavery, etc.

Remember also that we stole half of Mexico and Mexicans are still not accepted in the US.

Muslims, it is now your turn to be persecuted. Your new name is terrorist. Thank God they have not genocided you or put you in concentration camps like the Japanese.

Well, Muslims, you can crawl out of the wood work and begin to work – like the Catholics and the Jews – to change the perceived American image of who you are and what your religion is all about.DSCN7910

For starters (1) Muslims are Abraham’s grand children, cousins of Jews and Christians. (2) While Europe wallowed in dirt (Middle Ages) Muslims were teaching the world about astronomy, math, medicine, philosophy, literature, poetry. (3) American backed terrorism in the Middle East is not Muslim’s fault. (4) Terrorists – ISIS, Al Qaeda, Taliban, Boko Haram et al (supplied with American weapons) – are not Muslims. (5) Government and media use propaganda to spread Islamophobia and create fear of Muslims in America.

DSCF4284Muslims, you are the only ones who can change your status, change your image, and change public opinion of who you are, and what you believe in.mosque

It is a monumental task ahead. The Catholics and Jews had to over come there phobias and obstacles. If they can, so can you.

From Columbus and genocide to the first Pilgrims and genocide, America was a hard land to find acceptance. It need not be so, but it is the American way. You day will come, God Willing.

Challenge and change Islamophobia Muslims!




The “Dark Ages” 500-1500 A.D.

Petrarch (1304 – 1374) “used this label to describe … a lack of quality in the Latin literature of his day law-books-4… other thinkers … included lack of culture and advancement in Europe.”

While the Europeans wallowed in ignorance in the Dark Ages Muslim scholars and philosophers were educating the world.

Europeans are proud of their contributions to Western Civilization. They gave us the Crusades, slavery, colonialism, imperialism, apartheid, capitalism, greed, and corruption among other things.

They gave us terrorism. England and France had no compunction, no guilt about chopping off heads.books

Muslim thinkers on the other hand gave the world a body of knowledge that changed the world. There are dozens of Muslim scholars and philosophers. Here are ten:

  1.  Al-Husayn Ibn Sina (980-1037) was born in Iran. Latin name: Avicenna. Metaphysics, philosophy, mathematics, logic, and his famous Canon of Medicine.
  2.  Abu Hamid M. al-Ghazali (1059-1111) was born in Iran. Works include science, philosophy, theology.
  3.  Abu al-Walid Ibn Rushd (1126 -1198) was born in Cordoba. Latin name: Averroes.
  4.  Abu Nasr al-Farrabi (died 950) Born in Iran, lived in Damacus. Latin name: Abunaser.
  5.  Jabir Ibn Hayyan (died 815) was born in Baghdad. Latin name: Geber.
  6.  Zakariyya al-Rhazi (850-925) was born in Iran. Latin name: Rhazes.
  7.  Abd al-Karim al-Shahrastani (1076-1153) was born in Iran.
  8.  Musa al-Khawarizmi (800-847) was born in Iran and called to Baghdad.
  9.  Yahya al-Maghribi (died 1174), origins in the Maghreb.
  10.  Abdallah al-Battani (858-929) was born in Syria. Latin name: Albategnius.

Please note: Some of these people were given Latin names and their works were translated into Latin and sent to Rome. Why?sZVNBOmc

For space, it is impossible for me to include what these great scholars contributed to our world. Please go on line and check them out! Check out the other 30 scholars also.

Today we treat Muslims as non-entities. The Europeans and the Americans would do well to look at their history and at Muslim history and compare who gave what to civilization.

mindPerhaps Europeans and Americans are still learning to be civilized or still wallowing in ignorance.


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