See the PA first, if she thinks anything is wrong you’ll get to see the doctor. Oh! She’ll give you a prescription for pain killers, even if you don’t need it.Antique pharmacy

Has American health care and the medical profession plummeted to a new low? The first time this happened, I was left with a crippled hand. The second time I was given a month’s supply of pain killers that addicts kill for. This is the third time and I have some questions.

A Physician’s Assistant is called a PA.

First PA: A year ago I broke my hand. The orthopedic surgeon fixed up the bones and told the PA to put the cast on my hand. The caste was on too tight. They saw me weekly but did nothing. After six weeks of suffering with blue and swollen fingers I now have a crippled hand.

Second PA: Some weeks ago, I woke up with back pain and unable to move my legs. Could not get out DSC_5385of bed or walk. The ambulance took me to the ER. A few days later my doctor sent me to a spine specialist for an evaluation. At the appointment I did not see the specialist, but the PA interviewed me. She sent a prescription (signed by my unknown doctor) to a pharmacy in another state that sent me a month’s supply of pain killers which arrived at my home via UPS. Each pill contained 825 ml of Iboprofen and 26 ml of something else. I threw them out.

[Why didn’t they give me the prescription to change at my local pharmacy?] Yikes!

Third PA: Forty-one years ago I broke my knee in a car accident. It was operated on, healed well and never gave me a problem. This past winter it has been painful to the point of sleepless nights and limping days. I went to the doctor. He ordered an orthopedic evaluation and told me to go to the same group of swindlers as above (second PA).

I called for an appointment and was told that the first visit was with a PA and then I will see the doctor on a follow-up visit. Ihelp called my doctor and asked him to recommend another specialist. He did. I called the second specialist he recommended and was told that they only accept “New Injuries”. Upon enquiries, I found out that “new injuries” and billing the insurance companies are profitable, whereas 41 year old injuries were not “treated” at their office.

The question is: How does one get to see a specialist or any doctor without going to or through the PA? This is a new experience for me. Is this the new trend in medicine? Trying to see a spine or knee doctor is like trying to get an appointment with the President or the Queen of England.DSC_5394

Who are these doctors anyway? And what is the function of the PA? I never realized that PAs can diagnose spinal problems or determine how to fix a knee gone old and arthritic.

In England GPs still make house calls.

In America, the PAs interview the patients, the doctors sign prescriptions not knowing what’s wrong with the patient, the prescriptions go to another part of the country to be filled and 2013-01-28_09-16-34_256then delivered by post. The insurance gets billed and the patient continues to suffer not knowing what’s wrong with her spine or knee, but has tons of pain killers to put her to sleep.

Someone out there please help me. I need to know how the new doctor / patient / American medicine relationship work.




The Other Side of Teaching

Evelyn Uddin-Khan

Xlibris, 424 pages, (paperback) $23.99, 9781499077940

(Reviewed: April 2015)

Not long ago, teachers commanded respect from students, parents and society in general. stick-boy-and-girlToday, though, they are often punching bags for those same groups, blamed for America’s failing education system.

Evelyn Uddin-Khan knows that system and says the fault lies not with the classroom educators, but with those who are pointing fingers.

schoolroomUddin-Khan, who has a doctoral degree in comparative and international education, spent more than 20 years teaching in New York’s public school system. For 18 years, she writes, she was a well-respected and dedicated professional. But then her job changed; she was “excessed” — education-speak for being reassigned. No longer needed as an ESL teacher, Uddin-Khan was made a substitute teacher. Her three years in that position is the basis for The Other Side of Teaching.

For most of her book, Uddin-Khan details the chaos that she suffered through daily. Violent, disobedient and indifferent students and unresponsive and disconnected parents were just part of the problem.mind Worse, in her view, were school administrators and politicians, whose decisions were most often motivated by expediency or greed. She claims that administrators ordered grades inflated and problem students promoted or graduated, all in an effort to bring up schools’ test scores.

No Child Left Behind legislation, she maintains, merely moves these poorly-educated students to the next level, making them somebody else’s problem.

booksTo her credit, Uddin-Khan does offer some specific remedies, from getting cops out of the classrooms to separating politics from education to investing money in schools.

Overall, this is a narrative that will certainly give readers a different view of education.

Also available in hardcover and ebook.

Time for reflection! hmuqlDBf

Two days ago the Supreme Court decided that women can wear hijab to sell clothes in A & F. One is not sure what kind of victory this is for women; after all covering one’s head is not covering one’s intelligence. Furthermore, any high school dropout could sell clothes or hamburgers at any store.

Some Muslim women wear hijab to cover their heads. Some Jewish women wear wigs to cover their heads. Christian Nuns cover their heads as part of their habits. Why this fuss over hijabs?women

Women are underpaid. For the same education, experience and position they make 25% less than men.

Girls and women are sold into prostitution and slavery. These are lucrative businesses. The fair skinned females are more likely to be sold into prostitution, while the dark skinned ones have a good chance of entering the slave trade. Either “profession” is a crime against women. Who does the selling?

Women are raped by men and the abused women are criminalized by society while the men laugh all the way to the next victim.

Women are unequal to men. That is indisputable. The question is: why? Was Eve inferior to Adam? IMG_0491What makes women less human than men? Women are just as good as men at any given profession. Men are physically stronger, women are psychologically stronger. So what makes men superior to women?

Perhaps no one can give a satisfactory answer to this question. However, one can give a good guess as to who is responsible.

For thousands of years men wrote laws that govern women’s lives. Men wrote those laws menin their favour which make them superior and women inferior. Men wrote religious and secular laws that gave them power over women and society. Men wrote biased and prejudiced laws and enforced them by physical strength.

Men are still writing the laws, but it is time to give women equal pay, stop selling them into prostitution and slavery, and stop treating them as unequal, second class citizens.

IMG_0620Oh! And forget the hijab, wigs, and habits. Women may cover their heads, but the majority of them have proven that they are more intelligent, more resilient, and more moral than men.

May the Supreme Court continue to be sensible.



There are many reasons why the proposed methodsschool bus of teacher evaluation won’t work. Here are a few.

  1. Teacher evaluation is subjective. If the administrators in a school like a teacher then that teacher is an effective / highly effective teacher. If they hate your guts your fail the test. That simple!
  2. If administrators want to get rid ofwords older / experienced / expensive teachers and bring in young / cheap / newly qualified teachers, that is a reason for failure. Cheap labour is the key word here. (No offence is meant to inexperienced teachers.)
  3. Test, test, test! Very little teaching, but lots of testing. One teacher documented 65 testing and out-of-classroomschool closed days out of 180 teaching days.* Just think of it! That is 35% of 180 days spent testing and wasting student-teacher time.
  4. Grade fixing! The first time I was asked to “fix a student’s grade” was in 1992. The coach wanted this failing kid on the baseball team. I refused! Someone did change his grade because he did play on the team. Between 1999 and 2011 I was constantly in the administrators’ offices for my students’ low grades on English tests. They minddid not care that my students could not write a grammatically correct sentence in English. What they cared about was that the school should look good and continue as an “A” school. Do you know how many illiterate students in my classes received grades of 85 or 90? What I was doing was sinful, so I retired.

The point is – not teachers – but administrators and politicians do not care about educating our children. smudge-chalk-girlsAs long as they are passing with high grades that is all that matters. Teacher evaluation is allowing politicians to hide behind the problem.

An American college graduate (4 years) has the same education (knowledge?) as a high school graduate in Japan or Finland. Check the facts! What’s wrong with this picture? sZVNBOmc

So Mr. Governor, your present proposal is a waste of time and it is the students who are paying the price. For the world super-power we have the most ignorant high school graduates.

Unless you begin to do something about it they will continue to be ignorant graduates!

*The Other Side of Teaching



At the high school where I practiced teaching, Success Starts Herewe had a group of students (perhaps 200) whose collective name was the Renaissance Kids.

These students were 18 – 21 years old and included mothers, fathers, parolees, abusers, drug addicts and dealers, gang members, and LTAs (Long Term Absentees). An LTA showed up about 45 out of 180 days per school year.the journey

The school administrators had no clues what to do with them. Parents – if they had any – gave up. Law enforcement wished they would disappear. Welfare and child-care paid their bills / took care of them.

sZVNBOmcSome of them lived in foster homes, group homes, or no homes. The only meals some of them ate were breakfast and lunch when they came to school. In winter their attendance improved because inside the school building was warm.

They very rarely brought books and pens to school. We always kept extra note paper and pens handy.

When your AP hates your guts she puts you in a classroom with 34 of these life threatening kids.

Needless to say, very little teaching took place. Teachers assigned to the Renaissance Classes spent their time trying to break up fights, stop arguments, calling for help, praying the period would end, and they can walk out with life and limb.schoolroom

These troubled young people, if they were not fighting or arguing, then they were making phone calls, texting, showing baby pictures or cursing the teacher. They did no work. In fact, most of them could not read. Many said they can count money therefore they don’t need to learn math.

Administrators’ advice: “Do not argue with them or insist that they do work. They can turn violent in the blink of an eye. Just give them a 65. Let them go! They look good! We look even better.”*

flagThese men and women fell through the crack in the NYS Education System.

They graduated high school at age 20-21, went out into the world with no education, no life skills, and no future. But we have private prisons waiting for them.

No teacher can give these young people what they need. They need homes with love and stability. They need rehabilitation, counseling, job training. DSC03525-B

Repeat – they fell through the crack. This is American education. This is one New York City school. This is how we prepare our kids for your private prisons.

Wake up Mr. Governor. balloon-boyHow about a charter school for the Renaissance Kids?

You are failing our children – not the teachers!


*Quote taken from The Other Side of Teaching


Are Republicans white supremacists? DSCN7910

As we enter the next two years one fears for President Obama. The past six years were painful to watch white republicans gang up on the President.

It is obvious that the next two years are going to be more hate and racism than working for the benefit of the American people.flag

We know it is a racial issue more than a policy issue. At the end of the day the people, voters, tax payers can go to hell.

I feel sorry for President Obama. For anyone to be caught, to be surrounded by such blatant racism because of the colour of his skin is sinful. If white republicans cooperate and work with the other side of the isle, wouldn’t white voters and tax payers benefit too? DSC_5394

Weren’t people in Congress, republicans and democrats elected by the people to serve the people? NO! They were elected to get rich quickly. Show them the money.

President Obama got my vote twice, and even though I am displeased with certain of his policies, I would vote for him again just because of republican hypocrisy and propaganda.2013-01-04 22.53.21

Mr. President I sympathize with you for the position you are in because of the colour of your skin and the way the republicans want you to not succeed.

Two years is a long time to suffer this treatment. Have faith in God and enjoy your time in the White House. Envy will get your enemies nowhere.

When we are all dead, the colour of our skin would not matter to the worms.Agreement

If only the American people could see and think. May God be with you for the next two years.

Happy New Year!


The Middle East is the birth place of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. God-skyGod knows why that is so. It is the place where all the Prophets of God walked and preached peace and love. Abraham, Moses, David, Solomon, Jesus, Mohammed, and all the others in-between.

As it turned out Abraham is the father of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. churchTherefore the people of these three Abrahamic faiths are all cousins.

Christianity spread to Europe through Pontius Pilot and the Roman Conquerors / Roman Empire. From day one Christians have used and abused the Jews without shame or regret. We can look at European history and note that country after country in Europe has marginalized their Jews (hence the ghettoes) exploited and oppressed them, kicked them out again and again without remorse. In any war or conflict the Jews were the first to pay with their blood. The Europeans wanted to cleanse their lands so badly of Jews that finally the British with a few friends turned Palestine in Israel and gave their Jewish cousins a “homeland”.


The final humiliation of European Jews was the great extermination known as the holocaust during WWII. To visit those hell-holes on earth, those chambers of death and see what happened to living, breathing Jews is to live with nightmares for the rest of your life.

Yes, pious Christians committed that great crime on Jews. On the other hand, Jews and Muslims – the Semitic peoples – have lived in the Middle East for centuries in peace and harmony. Muslims accepted their Jewish cousins and co-existed with them as Abraham wished.H13-22 Necrosis

Christians never accepted their Jewish cousins but used and exploited them for material gain. The Muslims always protected the Jews, read the history of Andalusia.

Today Jews have joined with their Christian cousins to exterminate their Muslim cousins. Do the Christians love the Jews or are they using them again? Perhaps they are now using each other.

Either way, the Jews have short memories.DSCF4284

The God of Abraham will watch out for Abraham’s 1.8 billion Muslim children. Let the Christians and Jews be busy with extermination and Islamophobia.

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