Congress has been debating the Immigration Bill for years now.IMG_0491 The President orders the deportation of hundreds of thousands of immigrants. Somebody named bigot Sessions vowed last year (2014) to debate the bill to death.

Is this issue about the President, the Democrats, the Republicans or 11 million people living in limbo and treated like criminals? They work and pay taxes but get no benefits in return. Some of them have lived in the US for over 20 years; their children know no other home.

If the white law-makers in Congress were to trace their ancestry they might find a few jail birds among their grandfathers.

The Brits used to empty their jails, load the criminals on ships and post them to the new colonies – America and Australia. Perhaps bigot Sessions’ ancestors were on one of those ships.DSC02822

Now we do not have that kind of immigrant in the US. However they landed on US soil, their desire is to live in these United States legally, and work for their American dream. So far they are living the American nightmare!

This country was built on the backs of immigrants. Chinese, Spanish … their blood, sweat and cheap labour … ask Cesar Chavez. He fought for their rights.DSCN7910

Every transplanted American citizen can trace his blood line to a foreign land. Well, what is the problem with bigot Session and his white supremacist friends?

This land belongs to the Natives. The Tribes. All the rest of us are guests or immigrants. The Natives and this land welcomed us and gave us opportunities beyond our wildest dreams. Why can’t we share with those 11 million people?

Here is why we can’t share. flagPeople like bigot Sessions have two goals. One is a President, who in their eyes must fail, and the other is to prevent 11 million people from becoming voters – just in case they decide to vote for the other party.

The white supremacists are intolerant of a vast majority of the people in this country. Right now Muslims are at the top of the list. We can add Jews, Blacks and immigrants. At least these the journeygroups are not jail birds or criminals like those who landed 300 years ago.

Oh! And the Natives on whose land we are trespassing are still fighting for the rights of their own land.



Christmas dinner yesterday was of good food and disturbing conversation. As an immigrant family we have lived in this country for over forty-five years.ttronslien-8953

Our children served in three branches of the military. They have been in Iraq and Afghanistan.

There are teachers, doctors, nurses, and lawyers in the family. Every member is employed and pay taxes. We pay more taxes than some corporations.

It is disturbing to wake up one day and realize that Black people, Spanish people, and Muslim people, all US citizens, are not worth spit in this country.

White men / white people rule and all others are their slaves, their victims, their inferiors. It is obvious that white people hate themselves and have no flagconfidence in their abilities and use these minorities for anger management and to prove their manhood.

These white people have forgotten that most of their ancestors came to these shores as criminals out of some European prisons. The first act of the Pilgrims after arriving here was to slaughter the Native Americans.


At Christmas dinner we warned our young ones to be careful of police brutality and victimization. Stop and frisk is for real. We taught out kids that police are their friends and in trouble to go to them. Now we tell them when you see a police officer or a police car, remember these are not friends.DSCN7910

This country was built on white people – good Christian people – killing the Natives and enslaving the Africans. Lots of blood on their hands! Today, almost five hundred years later white people are still killing and enslaving anyone who is not white. Lots more blood on their hands. What is it in white people that make them blood thirsty?

Black and Hispanic men are in jail or dead as the law enforcement folks deem necessary. Muslim men are entrapped as would be terrorists and put away for life.

What will happen to our children who served in the military, God-skydefended this country in unnecessary wars, and must now walk on American soil in dread and fear for their lives?

We love this country. We hope these good white Christian people have a good answer for God.



When Catholics, and then Jews began arriving here Lady Libertyttronslien-8953 greeted them with open arms and welcomed them warmly to the land of free and the home of the brave.

Lady Liberty was not prejudiced. Her heart accepted the persecuted of the world. However, the Catholics and the Jews suffered decades of American hate, prejudice and persecution. They lived the laws of marginality and knew what religious phobias and persecution were all about.IMG_0318

They got low paying jobs, the kids changed or hid their religion, lots of Jews changed their names, the list of changes they made goes on.

The Catholics and Jews suffered and suffered and it took them decades to be accepted in this Christian country where words like liberty, equality and justice for all are just that – words without meaning.

In the last 30 – 40 years the Muslims began arriving in America in large numbers. American wars and persecution in their own countries leave them no choice but to seek other shores – whether the US of European lands.DSCN7910

What greets and welcome the Muslims to America is not Lady Liberty’s open arms but Islamophobia. This is the new greetings, and these are the new immigrants to be marginalized and persecuted.

The question is: Catholics and Jews have been there, have suffered the same fate, why aren’t they speaking out against Islamophobia? As people of the Book, shouldn’t they condemn this outrage against Abraham’s other children – their cousins?

They were persecuted, hated, marginalized, treated as dirt, they know how it feels. How in the name of God can they sit in their glass houses and watch politicians and the American media accuse and God-skycondemn Muslims, marginalize them, exploit fear for all its worth and say or do nothing.

If they have memories and God within their souls then Catholics and Jews should join the fight against Islamophobia.



Perhaps the Christian Crusades are history, long ago, long forgotten, and for Christians should remain buried like the bodies of hundreds of thousands of Muslims.DSC_0361 The goal of the Crusades was to cleanse Palestine / Jerusalem / Bethlehem of the infidel Muslims and destroy their religion.

However, in their path on their way to Jerusalem were Jews, Christians and Muslims who were all slaughtered in the name of power – not religion.

One would think that after such a shameful episode in Christian history – not to mention their defeat – the Christians would be ashamed of their conduct and try to live in peace with Jews and Muslims.SONY DSC

Christians have forgotten the Crusades. They have forgotten that Jerusalem was covered up to the knees in human blood. They have forgotten the blood on their hands. They have forgotten the hundreds of thousands of people they slaughtered. They have forgotten that they lost Jerusalem because it was the Will of God. They have forgotten that they slaughtered their own Christian brothers and sisters in their quest for power.

Again, one would think that after such genocidal behavior the Christians would learn about their Christian religion and history, and their relationship to Jews and Muslims through Abraham and understand that we are all Abraham’s children and close cousins.DSC_1414-2

We all have one common ancestor – Abraham? Don’t we?

Aren’t we all – Jews, Christians, Muslims – Abraham’s children? Aren’t we all cousins?

But throughout history the Christians have systematically tried to cleanse the earth of Jews and Muslims. Look at how Christian Europe has treated its Jewish people for 2,000 years. Can we forget it? Can we forgive it?IMG_8743a

When are Christian heads of states and Christian church leaders going to acknowledge their sinful roles in world wide oppression, exploitation, imperialism, colonialism, genocide, enslavement, and all the other evils they are responsible for on this earth?

Christian leaders in the US are now exploiting fear of Muslims and spreading Islamophobia.DSCF4284

Who will clean things up? Well, we are all waiting for the Messiah.

The fact is that the Pilgrims and the Natives were starving and got together to share food and give ttronslien-8953thanks after a particularly difficult year of food shortage and living conditions. Except the fact is the Pilgrims and Puritans were savage killers who were killing the Natives.

The fact is that President Lincoln declared a day to give thanks at the end of the Civil War. Except, this fact is not recorded in history.


In the evolution of this American Holy-day how these myths got started is anyone’s guess.IMG_7839

Over time – hundreds of years – Thanksgiving became a true American Holy-day. Families of all ethnic and cultural backgrounds celebrate and give thanks for their blessings. Immigrant families languagemore so, because they were the new Settlers (without the savage killer instincts) and had a lot to be grateful for.

In the last 50 years, and especially in the last 20 years, Thanksgiving has evolved into a day with very little meaning. Like all American Holy-days, Thanksgiving has evolved into a great sale day, with black Friday as the deity of cheap worship.

President Day sale – who cares which president, etc.

Easter sale – the holiest days in the Christian calendar.

Memorial Day sale – who remembers and honour the war dead?

Independence Day sale – Labour Day sale – Veterans Day sale.

Christmas sale – absolutely no religious significance.

New Years sale – the sales to end all sales!

So here we are. Sale before and after sale every holy day. None of these holy-days has any meaning but that capitalism is healthy, alive and producing profits.DSC_5394

And on every one of these holy days the TV has a constant feed of ball games. Families – those at home and not shopping – eat in front of the TV or eat between games.

A family sitting around the dining table is more than eating. It is talking, sharing family news, mourning, celebrating, laughing, holding hands, praying, thanking, and so much more.

American life has evolved into mid-night sales and door busters as the main events to

Perhaps it is just as well that Thanksgiving has no meaning, after all it is a mythical holy day!


Happy shopping!!!


Islamophobia is quite profitable. It sells dirty newspapers and elevates TV ratings from the gutter.2013-11-03 16.36.51 If someone with an Arabic name or a “Muslim” name does something wrong, then immediately the person is a terrorist and Islam is responsible.

Every day in the US some where, some place, a man shoots 5, 10, 15 people dead and injures as many others. In the post office, at UPS, in the military, in schools, in temples, in theatres, in homes. Let’s not forget 20 babies and 6 teachers in Connecticut.1-IMG_3442

These mass murderers are not identified as terrorists, as Christians, as Jews, or as Buddhists.

They are men who had arms and ammunition, who lost control, went berserk, had psychological problems, and a host of excuses are found to explain and justify their atrocious behavior.

If these men are white Americans, more explanation and more justification can be found.

How many of these shootouts were done by Muslim men? And yet if a Muslim man sneezes at the white-swan-in-sunset-patk-las-vegaswrong time, wrong place, the TV grabs it for round the clock, breaking news coverage. It also becomes the headline for every daily newspaper in the country.

Yes, Islamophobia is selling news and selling fear to the American people. Muslims are attacking the homeland, the military; everyone is on red / high alert.

There are government agencies that entrap young Muslim men, train and supply them with stuff to destroy strategic American sites, then the police or FBI catch them 10 seconds before the presumed crime is committed. These unsuspecting and innocent young Muslim men then spend the rest of their lives rotting in US prisons for the government set-up. My tax $ is used for the entrapment and the life sentence. Why not deport them?bright boxes

Where is the media? Why don’t they expose these crimes and injustices against American Muslims? But, no! The media promotes Islamophobia. Another way to keep the American public ignorant. Instead of spreading hate, why not spread the truth? We all might just live together peacefully!

Mass media in the US is dead. On the way to the grave-yard they killed the majority of American minds. Most of our people can no longer think critically for themselves.women

They sit in front of the TV night after night and laugh themselves to sleep. And while they are in dreamland Washington is quickly taking control of their sedentary lives and shrinking brains.

We live with domestic spying, droning, framing innocent people, war upon war, well in a word turning the US Constitution into a piece of toilet paper, and the US into a police

And the free press of the US, mass media et al, sits around and applauds.

Social media on the other hand is very much alive. I must confess that my knowledge of social media is very limited. However, I have faith in the freedom they have to dispense information – truth and facts.

The people of this country need to understand how Big Brother is systematically controlling their thinking.stick-boy-and-girl If they can see and understand how government control has taken over their lives then their thinking will change. They will understand we are no different from China or Russia.

If people can understand that by controlling the information they are fed, the government is controlling their thinking, their lives, their very existence, and if they disagree with such control, then they will revolt.DSC02526

Mass media is at present helping the US government to oppress the people. Social media can change that. We need more Chelsea Mannings, more Julian Assanges, and more Edward Snowdens.





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