One realizes that Palestine must try to free itself from Israeli occupation, apartheid, oppression, and IMG_4201exploitation. But it’s difficult without a Gandhi, a Mandela, or a Castro.

Israel treats the Palestinians as America treats the Native Americans. We exterminated the Natives as we cleansed their lands and planted greed and capitalism and dug up gold and minerals.

IMG_4397The Israelis have been exterminating the Palestinians – with America’s blessings – seizing their lands for decades and building settlements. One of Israel’s closest allies back in the day was South Africa. The Israelis helped arm the apartheid government in South Africa who were oppressing and exterminating the black population.DSC02526

In these three countries, Israel, America and South Africa, Europeans stormed in, massacred the natives – be it Palestinians, Native peoples of America, or the real Natives of South Africa, and seized and occupied their lands.

IMG_0832 (2)For the Palestinians there will never be Palestine. It is one of the saddest stories in the annals of history.

For the Africans in SA the sun smiled down on them.

For the Native Americans the struggles continue. The road ahead is bumpy. They are still fighting for their rights, their land, and recognition as the original people of this great land. We Americans gave them citizenship and the right to vote. They are still fighting for a real life on their land – for remuneration for the land we stole. There is still hope!DSCF4284

Israel has not given the Palestinians – whose land they stole – citizenship and the right to vote. They never will.

praying-hands-PencilHow can depraved and deprived white Europeans just walk into Palestine, take away the people’s land and livelihood, and live happily ever after?

They never will!!!


Menachem Begin said:

            My friend … When you recognize the concept of “Palestine,” you demolish your right to live in DSC04060Ein Hahoresh. If this is Palestine and not the land of Israel, then you are conquerors and not tillers of the land. You are invaders. If this is Palestine, then it belongs to a people who lived here before you came. Only if it is the Land of Israel do you have a right to live in Ein Hahoresh and in Deganiyah B. If it is not your country, your fatherland, the country of your ancestors and of your sons, then what are you doing here? You came to another people’s homeland … you expelled them and you have taken their land….

                                                Yediot Ahronot, Oct. 17, 1969. Cited in Chomsky, p 21.

My friends note carefully: Palestine is a concept. If it is Palestine and not Israel then you are f16_fighting_falconconquerors, invaders, you have no rights there, you expelled people and took their home and land.

From the lips of an Israeli statesman, Palestine – the country and its people – must die, disappear, disintegrate, evaporate, annihilated, in order for Israel to live.

For those who delude themselves into believingIMG_7839 that one day there will be a Palestinian State stop deluding yourselves. Most of the power structure in Israel and the US believe the same lies.

Begin’s words echo the thoughts, actions, deeds and guilt of Israelis who persecuted the Palestinians, took their land and are proud of their deeds.

According to Begin, for there to be an Israel there can be no Palestine. The world is not big enough for both states. Perhaps DSC03525-Bthe Israeli citizenry will confirm his “concept”. End of story.

How can the people of Israel be happy, at peace with themselves, sleep at night, knowing that they destroyed a people, stole their land, and left them destitute? End of Palestine!

In his inaugural address on January 20, 2009, President Barak Hussein Obama promised to improve Crossman co2 air pistolrelations with the Muslim World. Six years later the president has shown Muslims what cheap words and empty promises look like.

Six years later Muslims are still waiting.

 President Obama said, “To the Muslim world, f16_fighting_falconwe seek a new way forward, based on mutual interest and mutual respect.” Around the world Muslims hailed the new president as peace maker, printedT-shirts with his face on them, and the pen used to write this essay is from Kenya and it is labeled “Obama Smoothline”.

 The President does have a lot of smooth lines.IMG_0318

 President Obama has forgotten his cheap words and empty promises as the past six years have proven. Instead the president and American weapons have killed more Muslims than any other president, leader and country in history.

 President Obama’s personal “war on terrorism” means killing Muslims – old men, sick women, defenseless children – anywhere, anytime, IMG_7839weather they have committed a crime or not, without trial, guilty or not. For every terrorist he kills, 1,000 more are born.

 Instead of ending wars, the president has started new wars on Muslims. We are droning Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Syria, Iraq among others. Democracy has helped Iraq deteriorate to a new low in human history.13-10-18 Astoria Coast Guard helicopter-1

 He has effected regime change in Afghanistan and Egypt, kept dictators in power in Bahrain and Yemen, is arming all sides in Syria. Yes, he has sent Muslims to hell on this earth.

 He said, “… we seek a new way forward ….” Well no one guessed that his new way forward was to annihilate the Muslims and the Middle East.flag

 The only “interest” President Obama has shown in Muslims is to genocide them. As to “respect”, the word means blood for him. Mr. Obama has a lot of Muslim blood on his hands.

 One hopes that Nobel Committee has a Nobel War & Blood Prize prepared for themosque president. He earned it, he worked for it, he deserves it.

 He can accept it with his bloody hands – Muslim blood on those genocidal hands.



Palestinian State: NEVER!

December 29, 2014


Here are a few facts:

– A country, a state needs land to be a state. There is no land left for a viable Palestinian State.H13-22 Necrosis

– American leaders have killed every word, vetoed every suggestion of a Palestinian State.

– Israel is our 51st State, our spying in and control of the Middle East.

– America, Britain and allies have supported every Israeli land grab and settlement built on Palestinian land.13-10-18 Astoria Coast Guard helicopter-1

– A Palestinian State is an insider dirty joke between America and Israel.

– The Israelis will never be happy because they will always live in fear.

– Mahmud Abbas is not worth spit. He has been negotiating for 25 useless years and has nothing to show for it. He negotiated away Palestine and the Palestinians. He sits on his brain and his ass is in his head.

– Hamas – good or bad – is holding on to Gaza.f2-DSCN2702

Two suggestions:

  1. Send the Palestinian Christians to live in Christian countries, viz. White House, DC and Downing Street, London. Brits would sell their mums to keep the Jews in Israel.
  2. The Palestinian Muslims can be pushed into the Mediterranean, sent to other Arab countries, or the American and Israelis could genocide them like we did the Native Americans whom we did not want.DSCF4284

Now, for the shame of the Muslim world. There are 22 Arab countries, and there is Turkey, Iran, Indonesia, Malaysia and all the “Stans”. Granted some of them, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, thanks to our holy American wars are not in a position to help, but more of these countries should reach out a helping hand to the Palestinians. Some are neutral. Some are on the American payroll. Some are afraid of Israel. Saudi Arabia is a selfish hypocrite.

How can the Muslim (so called) leadership turn their backs on Palestinians God-skywho need food, shelter, medicine, clothes and necessities for daily survival?

Palestinians: How can you have state?

It would take an Act of God to change your lives.

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