A Prayer For The New Year

December 31, 2014

We Pray and ask God to make the Year 2015 a year of peace for humankind.happy-flowers

We Pray that poverty and suffering of all people will decrease.

We Pray that the hungry will be given food, the homeless will find homes, and the sick will get medicine and good health, God Willing.balloon-boy

We Pray that all the orphans of war and in the world, with God’s help, will find good “parents” and warm homes.

Almighty God, only you can fulfill the needs of the poor and the orphans. Please bless them with food, homes and good health in the New Year.God-sky

Please God make hate and racism go away.

The children of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Yemen, the African Continent, the Ebola victims, the victims of war, they all need your help.DSCF4284

Please Almighty God, help the poor and the needy of our world. Thank you.

Happy New year to all especially the poor and needy.





I love Christmas. In the western world, it is not just the day, it is the “Season”. ornament_hollyThere are those who celebrate the religious significance of Christmas, but there are a billion people who just enjoy the “Season”.

Walk into a shop and Christmas music is serenading the shoppers. One sings along with Nat Cole – Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire – Bing Crosby – White Christmas, and so many other Christmas songs.005

Drive around the neighbourhood and the houses are lit up, the yards are decorated, and the trees turned into Christmas trees, all of which turn the world into a festival of lights and Goodness.

Everywhere one looks Christmas is calling out. It is difficult to be in a bad mood after walking into a shop or driving around your neighbourhood.

Well, even if one is not celebrating Christmas as a religious holiday, family and friends still get together and enjoy the company and special meals.electric-pink-love

Yes, Christmas is a time of peace & love & hope & joy & good cheer, & laughter & hugs & renewal & good will to mankind & prayers and lots of love for all.smudge-chalk-girls

It is a time for forgiveness when family, friends and neighbours embrace each other in the name of all that’s meaningful in life. Yes, I love Christmas.

Merry Christmas everyone! May God Bless you all and give peace to the world.


Christmas cards are filled with messages of peace, good will, joy, hope, merriment, and all the other ornament_hollysentiments that some Christians do not practice.

Words have so little meaning. Christmas card greetings and messages are so phony. We have so many other words in our vocabulary that are also meaning-less. For example, JUSTICE, FREEDOM, LIBERTY, EQUALITY – what do these words mean?

For all Christians, Christmas is a time to celebrate the birth of the baby Jesus. It is a time to reflect, extend peace and good will to all mankind, etc.005

If Christians in power actually believed in Christmas, and the spirit of the season, and the messages in their Christmas cards, perhaps this would be a better world.

If white Christians in power believe in peace and not war, believe in dialogue and not WMD, believe in equality and not master and slave, believe in God and not the devil, perhaps this would be a better world.

Christians who pray to capitalism have turned Christmas into one long shopping parade. Christmas has no religious meaning anymore. Christmas cards are a big lie. But let’s put all that aside. We don’t want the economy to collapse.

If Christians would put God and His Prophet Jesus back into Christmas, and pray instead of shop, andchurch think no wars, no hunger, no more kids homeless, sick and starving, what a wonderful Christmas world this would be.

May greed and capitalism destroy us all? Pray no! Merry Christmas everybody!


The fact is that the Pilgrims and the Natives were starving and got together to share food and give ttronslien-8953thanks after a particularly difficult year of food shortage and living conditions. Except the fact is the Pilgrims and Puritans were savage killers who were killing the Natives.

The fact is that President Lincoln declared a day to give thanks at the end of the Civil War. Except, this fact is not recorded in history.


In the evolution of this American Holy-day how these myths got started is anyone’s guess.IMG_7839

Over time – hundreds of years – Thanksgiving became a true American Holy-day. Families of all ethnic and cultural backgrounds celebrate and give thanks for their blessings. Immigrant families languagemore so, because they were the new Settlers (without the savage killer instincts) and had a lot to be grateful for.

In the last 50 years, and especially in the last 20 years, Thanksgiving has evolved into a day with very little meaning. Like all American Holy-days, Thanksgiving has evolved into a great sale day, with black Friday as the deity of cheap worship.

President Day sale – who cares which president, etc.

Easter sale – the holiest days in the Christian calendar.

Memorial Day sale – who remembers and honour the war dead?

Independence Day sale – Labour Day sale – Veterans Day sale.

Christmas sale – absolutely no religious significance.

New Years sale – the sales to end all sales!

So here we are. Sale before and after sale every holy day. None of these holy-days has any meaning but that capitalism is healthy, alive and producing profits.DSC_5394

And on every one of these holy days the TV has a constant feed of ball games. Families – those at home and not shopping – eat in front of the TV or eat between games.

A family sitting around the dining table is more than eating. It is talking, sharing family news, mourning, celebrating, laughing, holding hands, praying, thanking, and so much more.

American life has evolved into mid-night sales and door busters as the main events to celebrate.church

Perhaps it is just as well that Thanksgiving has no meaning, after all it is a mythical holy day!


Happy shopping!!!


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