For hundreds of years the white people of the world oppressed and exploited Asia, AgreementAfrica and South America. Western Europe and the United States built empires on the backs and blood of Asians and Africans.

Indians speak English and enjoy afternoon tea. Philippinoes speak Spanish. Africans speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Dutch, French. In Central and South America they got Portuguese and Spanish.

They all got a new religion to civilize them. Queen Victoria owned IMG_0318Kenya, and she gave Mt. Kilimanjaro to the Germans who owned Tanganyika because they did not own a mountain.

Later, Europe and America did not have oil, so they annexed the Middle East.

Well, the world is changing. The Africans are moving north to every country in Europe. They have very little left in their countries. They are going where the riches are. Africans speak every European language and know their customs. They want jobs, education, health care and equality.

Options-Decisions-ChoicesThe Central and South Americans are moving north to the big bad US of A against all odds especially the language barrier. More power to them. North is where the goods are!

And then we have the kidnapped Africans in the US, better known as slaves. Unfortunately, they can’t move north or south. This is their homeland, just as it is the homeland of their former owners – slave owners that is.

The white imperialists / colonialists who oppressed and exploited three continents for hundreds of years are now facing a dilemma. the journeyThe black, brown, pink, green, red, yellow people of the southern world want their piece of the pie. It is pay back time.

The white people are fighting to the death. They are good at stealing but not at sharing.

Well, at least imperialism / colonialism are over. We still have oppression, exploitation and apartheid left in the white world and in America we can add the confederate flag.



Today is Memorial Day and across the country there are prayers for, flagand tributes to, the soldiers who gave their lives for this country.

In cemeteries flags and flowers remind the public of those who sacrificed their future so we can enjoy our future. The MIAs and POWs must also be remembered and prayed for.

Politicians (who make wars but rarely fight in them) will do their civic duties today and give great speeches and lay patriotic wreaths on soldiers’ graves everywhere.

Most of my neighbours (and three sons) are veterans and their plans for today include prayers and honouring their fallen brothers.IMG_0491

Memorial Day is a day to honour and remember our dead soldiers and that is how it should be.

On the other hand, we have forgotten the soldiers who returned and are still returning from present wars, for example, Iraq and Afghanistan.

We have approximately 500,000 veterans who are homeless. We have veterans with diseases and psychiatric problems. We have veterans who commit suicide daily. We have veterans who need rehabilitation into civilian life. (For example, education, job training and entering the work force.)

When these veterans return to America (after fighting – and killing – in some senseless wars) they are forgotten. This is wrong. They become a burden to country, family and society. This is wrong. The government used these young people in dirty wars and turned their backs on them. This is wrong.praying-hands-Pencil

Today is Memorial Day and we pray for, and honour and remember our dead heroes. That is how it should be.

However, it is a sin, a crime, and a sad commentary on us as a people and country to use and abuse the veterans who are alive, who served this country, and must now beg for food and shelter.

Today is the right day to turn our attention to those homeless veterans, those jobless veterans, those sick veterans. Let’s help them before another one commit suicide.

DSCF4284Memorial Day is a tribute to the past. For some of us, Memorial Day will have greater meaning if we also remember and care for those veterans who are alive, suffering, homeless and hungry.

May God Bless them all.

Patrick Henry: “Give me liberty or give me death.”flag

The end of democracy in America and the end of the American empire is fast approaching.

Perhaps democracy has already disappeared. However, the country that Abraham Lincoln dreamed of “government of the people, by the people, for the people,” end of slavery, equal ttronslien-8953rights – all that jazz – never were, and it is too late now.

America can be called the mythical land. Full of unicorns, giants, dragons. Full of European Pilgrims, English criminals, African slaves. Full of refugees, immigrants, dreamers.

The founding fathers were idealists. One can’t be sure what kind of idealists they were since they were slave owners and abused women. However, they had an ideal vision for what America was to be.

DSC03525-BTime has proven their vision wrong. Democracy in America is now closer to Apartheid, and instead of building the land of the free and the home of the brave we concentrate on war and empire building.

Our empire was built on colonialism, imperialism, capitalism and the souls of slaves. To protect our empire we built an extensive war machine that includes an IMG_2682extensive domestic and international spy surveillance system, all of which are the best in the world. We are continuously engaged in war.

In the meantime, our infrastructure is decaying, our people are poor, they lack health care, some are homeless or live in shelters, our education system is sub-standard, our children are either obese or unhealthy, our elderly are denied food stamps.DSCN7910

Forget democracy! No country (or empire) can survive without a dependable infrastructure and a population that has food, clothes, houses, health care, education and a government of the people, by the people, for the people that it can trust.

The American empire was built on capitalism, slave labour, colonialism and imperialism. We are no longer sustainable. The demise of the American empire is closer than we suspect.

When someone with an Arabic name or Muslim by religion kills people he is a terrorist.Crossman co2 air pistol As recently in France! As recently in Boston, USA! When someone who is white, American, perhaps Christian kills Muslims, as in North Carolina USA, he is anything – lunatic, hate crime – but not a terrorist.

A white American terrorist walks into a Muslim home and shoots three young Muslim kids in the head – executes them – but no one in America is calling this premeditated crime an act of terrorism.

Where are the talking heads today? Congress, politicians, holy Christian leaders, including the praying-hands-PencilPresident? Why aren’t they condemning this act of terrorism on the homeland?

(Maybe they are busy making plans to return to the Middle East and kill more Muslims.)

Where is home land security? Aren’t Muslims paying enough taxes to warrant protection? Aren’t Muslim lives worthy of outrage?

If that white man had an Arabic name or was Muslim, this whole country would be outraged and out there screaming terrorism and calling for the heads of every Muslim in this country and the whole of Europe.DSCF4284

One can only reiterate that there are more white Christian terrorists walking the earth than ever there were or will be Muslims.

It’s such a shame that the lives of three young people, with glorious, promising lives ahead of them, should be cut short by such a heinous act of terrorism.

Every day in the US the President and Congress are planning new ways to make war and kill Muslims. Why not make peace and help Muslims? War money can be peace IMG_0135-1money – food, medicine, little kids, old women. (No profit there!)

Muslims lives matter! Muslims are people just like French people, British people, American people – shoot them and they bleed and they die. Just look at those three beautiful young people from North Carolina.

Those three young people may not be dentists in this world, but Almighty God has plans for them. Inna Lillahi wa inna ilaihi Raji oun. May Allah grant them Jannat al Firdause.


As one can only reiterate, Congress is a Millionaires Club. They get elected to be come rich, DSC03525-Band the people who voted for them are the 99% idiots who eat dirt after the election.

The 1% benefit from elected officials positions because they paid for their election and they forever call the shots.

The elected officials are now in the pockets the 1% and they have ample opportunities to fill their pockets. The poor voters are forgotten and remain in poor people’s hell.

Speaker Silver must be commended for not letting his comrades in crime down.DSC_5385

When these politicians get elected – Congress, State, City, Local – their first thought is to get rich quick and the voters are forgotten. This is understandable. Number one comes first. Greed has no limit. They are never satisfied with a little stealing, a little greed or a little corruption. Being in public office means being corrupt and crooked forever – until the pot runs dry or some one gets caught.

Speaker Silver, it seems, has been stealing and corrupt for a long time. A man in his position, a leader-ship role, so much power and influence, a man who can do so much good for the poor and disadvantaged, spent 20 (?) years being corrupt, greedy, filling his pockets, and ending a “good” career in disgrace. DSC_5394

One wonders if politicians, elected officials, are ever honest people who wanted the position to actually serve the people – or to get rich quick. Elected people, it seems, have XXXXXX large egos.

Perhaps there should be term limits to these elected government offices. These life time positions are not serving the people. These are 1% priorities.

Politics in America is in a dismally shameful state. One must exercise one’s democratic, civic duty and vote. And yet voting for corrupt crooks year after year is truly an exercise in futility.

Show me an honest politician, one who has integrity and is truly concerned with the people’s problems and I’ll showtake leave you a thousand who are going to hell.

Politicians’ pockets take precedence over people’s problems.

99% of politicians are going to hell. The other 1%? They prove nothing is absolute.


Sharia: Rules Muslims live by like the Ten Commandments.f2-DSCN2702

Can you tell Catholics to throw away their rosaries? Stop the Hail Marys? NO.

Can you tell the Jews to throw out the Halacha laws? NO.

American politicians have already passed legislation to prohibit Muslims from practicing Sharia.

American politicians are so stupid. DSCN7910If only they would read and increase their knowledge (and try to appear intelligent) they might be able to serve the people who elected them in a positive way.

Muslims – the followers of Islam – must obey the Ten Commandments of Moses. They must accept Jesus as a Prophet of God. They must believe that Jesus is returning one day. If they don’t, then they can’t claim to be Muslims.

Jews and Christians have religious rules which they must follow in their daily lives if they claim to be Jews or Christians. In the same way Muslims have rules which they must follow in their daily lives if they claim to be Muslims. These rules are called Sharia.language

Sharia covers personal and domestic cleanliness, dress, food, greetings, charity, borrowing and lending money, prayer, family obligation, to name a few.

If our politicians would have a dialogue with people of the Muslim Faith and clarify what Sharia is, then they might see that their paranoia is uncalled for.

It would be shocking to find out that Catholic and Jewish politicians are supporting this nonsense. One wonders if politicians all over the world are as stupid as American politicians. Anyway, Sharia is simply the rules – public and private – that a Muslim – male or female – lives by.

All over this country, in every public bathroom, there are signs telling people to wash their hands. Muslims don’t have to be reminded to wash their hands. They do it as part of Sharia. They were taught as kids to wash after every visit to the bathroom.

In Muslim countries – Morocco, Egypt, Turkey, Jordon + 20 others – the bathrooms are equipped with special connections to help Muslims keep themselves clean 24 hours per day.DSCF4284

American politicians should visit some Muslim bathrooms. They might even learn to keep themselves clean.


Islamophobia And Converts

November 24, 2014

According to some reports Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. DSCF4284 True or false there are some inaccuracies here. It is true that a lot of people are converting to Islam. It is false that everyone with an Arabic name is a Muslim. However, the latest count is about 1.6 billion +.

To be clear Islam is the religion and Muslims are the followers of Islam.IMG_0135-1

In recent years, there has been many converts to Islam in the US. In spite of all the prejudice, fear mongering, and Islamophobia, an intelligent analysis shows that Islam is a religion of peace.

Muslims practice daily worship of God, giving charity, donating one month of time annually to fasting and prayer.

Converts to Islam are special people. They have gone past the Islamophobia. They have committed themselves to belief in One God.

One problem that converts face is government agencies anxious to recruit them for spying on Muslims, and for committing crimes against the state to create fear mongering and Islamophobia. In recent years how many new converts have been arrested – after being framed / set-up – by police and charged with terrorist activities against the state?IMG_1234

The new converts, just learning about Islam are unaware that Islam is a religion of peace and does not advocate violence against people or state.

They trust the police, the very people they should not trust because law enforcement love these new converts who they can use to perpetuate Islamophobia.IMG_0318

And so our new converts to Islam must be careful and watch their backs. They can easily become spies and criminals and face imprisonment.

In this land of the free and home of the brave, they can easily become innocent victims of Islamophobia.

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