Trayvon Martin: Murdered

July 17, 2013

Thoughts and questions on the murder of an unarmed kid:

The white man used genocide to wipe clean the Natives from this land that they renamed America. Ever since then this land – this country – became theirs. This country became theirs by violence, murder, robbery, oppression, etc.

Then they imported black slaves from Africa to work the genocide land for them. Plantation owners. Land barons. The boss man. And Lincoln freed the black man – or did he? And the white man can never forgive the black man for being free. That would mean they are equal – and no black man can ever be equal to a white man. And for 150 years the white man have passed every possible law to oppress the black man.

Right now we are at “Stop and Frisk” and “Stand Your Ground”, and we are building more prisons for the black man. The next step: genocide the land. Clear out the black man, the black woman, the black child, like they did the Natives.

And Mr. White Man, Sir, while you are clearing the land, throw in the Mexicans, the Muslims, and other undesirables. Let’s make this land white again.

The white man’s view of America: This country was ours, is ours, will always be ours. We are not going to share it. In 50 years this will be the land of apartheid!

Trayvon Dear, the best justice comes from the Almighty. Be patient. Let’s wait.

Question for Juror B37:

The verdict came in on Saturday July 13, 2013. By Tuesday July 17, 2013 – according to the New York Times – you had already signed a book deal with some literary agent. How did this happen so fast? You were a sequestered jury. How did this agent find you? What were you doing during the night – looking for an agent? Are you that callous and greedy?

To: The racist murderer, the racist expert witnesses, the racist jurors, the racist law enforcement people, the racist lawyers:
Remember this: Trayvon Benjamin Martin is dead. The kid with skittles in one hand and a phone in the other – that kid. One man murdered him, and you all buried him with lies. He could not speak for himself in court. But he will speak from the grave to all your conscience for the rest of your lives.
May God bless you – you innocent child.

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