As one can only reiterate, Congress is a Millionaires Club.DSC03525-B They get elected to be come rich, and the people who voted for them are the 99% idiots who eat dirt after the election.

The 1% benefit from elected officials positions because they paid for their election and they forever call the shots.

The elected officials are now in the pockets the 1% and they have ample opportunities to fill their pockets. The poor voters are forgotten and remain in poor people’s hell.DSC_5394

Speaker Silver must be commended for not letting his comrades in crime down.

When these politicians get elected – Congress, State, City, Local – their first thought is to get rich quick and the voters are forgotten. This is understandable. Number one comes first. Greed has no limit. They are never satisfied with a little stealing, a little greed or a little corruption. Being in public office means being corrupt and crooked forever – until the pot runs dry or some one gets caught.flag

Speaker Silver, it seems, has been stealing and corrupt for a long time. A man in his position, a leader-ship role, so much power and influence, a man who can do so much good for the poor and disadvantaged, spent 20 (?) years being corrupt, greedy, filling his pockets, and ending a “good” career in disgrace.

One wonders if politicians, elected officials, are ever honest people who wanted the position to actually serve the people – or to get rich quick. Elected people, it seems, have XXXXXX large egos.

Perhaps there should be term limits to these elected government offices. These life time positions are not serving the people. These are 1% priorities.DSCN7910

Politics in America is in a dismally shameful state. One must exercise one’s democratic, civic duty and vote. And yet voting for corrupt crooks year after year is truly an exercise in futility.

Show me an honest politician, one who has integrity and is truly concerned with the people’s problems and I’ll showtake leave you a thousand who are going to hell.

Politicians’ pockets take precedence over people’s problems.

99% of politicians are going to hell. The other 1%? They prove nothing is absolute.



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