How do we define the word “terrorist”?DSCN2178

Who are the terrorists? In the past 15 years we have been labeling people, viz Muslims, who are killing other people as terrorists. For example, in Iraq and Afghanistan the groups who did not agree with American policies, rebelled against us, and used our own weapons to kill other people were called terrorists.

Crossman co2 air pistolOsama Bin Laden did not pull the trigger himself. He ordered other people to do the killings. That made him the world’s No. 1 terrorist.

When law enforcers kill innocent / unarmed black men, are they terrorists? When a man in North Carolina kills three young Muslims for no reason, is he a terrorist? When a man kills 26 kids in a school in Connecticut, is he a terrorist? When a man kills three people in Boston, is he a terrorist because he is a Muslim?

flagIs President Obama a terrorist because he orders the killing and droning of Muslims in Yemen, Pakistan and Afghanistan? Is President Putin a terrorist because he orders the killing of his enemies? How about the heads of European states who send troops to other people’s countries to kill without questions?

How about dictators in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, who kill anyone they do not like or who the US tell them to dispose of? How about Israel’s terrorist practices in Palestine?

IMG_0135-1How about the French and the “reign of terror”, where the word terrorist came from?  

All these presidents and kings and leaders are killing innocent people every hour of the day. Are they not terrorists also? The pot calling the kettle black. If the powerful kill the weak, it’s okay. If the weak retaliate, defend themselves, they are terrorists.

Are terrorists labeled by religion? Muslim = Terrorist?

Could someone please tell me the definition of the word terrorist?    


How many war mongers in Congress joined the US military and defended America?f16_fighting_falcon How about those Supreme Court Judges? How about those war Presidents? Governors? Mayors? State and City elected officials all over his country? No guts? No patriotism?

The very people who are making laws and selling arms to Muslims so they can kill each other did not have the guts to join the military and defend their own country.

Well, here is some news for your gutless politicians and law makers: My three Muslim sons joined the US military and defended the American people with pride and courage.H13-22 Necrosis

Son No. 1 – Marines: Killed thousands of innocent people in Panama so we can get Noriega. What a farce that was. (He got me a T-Shirt. He also vomited for months after.)

Son No.2 – Navy: Sitting on their ship, the USS America, those young men fired missiles or bombs (not sure which) into Iraq. (He got me a porcelain cat and some perfume.)

Son No. 3 – Air Force: Never talked about what he did. DSC02822Just said he had a job to do. (He got me a T-Shirt.)

Brother and Nephew – Army: Brother OK! Nephew did a lot of killing in Iraq. You people in La-La-Land should talk to him. He – a Muslim – killed lots of Muslims in Iraq. He is half mad.

Cousins in the military: Half a dozen that I know of.

All these young men were young idealistic Muslims proud to be American, proud to serve America, proud to be in uniform and risk life and limb for America.DSCN7910

Today, Muslim Americans are the evil that must be destroyed and eliminated from American soil. We are terrorists. But what about the sacrifices that my sons, my brother, my nephew, my cousins and all the other Muslim sons made for this country?

These men defended America because they considered themselves patriotic Americans. How about those that lost blood, lives and sanity?IMG_0135-1

Today, they are all in the category of terrorists because they were born Muslims and have Muslim names.

Muslim sons and soldiers: defenders of America. Now Terrorists!



Menachem Begin said:

            My friend … When you recognize the concept of “Palestine,” you demolish your right to live in DSC04060Ein Hahoresh. If this is Palestine and not the land of Israel, then you are conquerors and not tillers of the land. You are invaders. If this is Palestine, then it belongs to a people who lived here before you came. Only if it is the Land of Israel do you have a right to live in Ein Hahoresh and in Deganiyah B. If it is not your country, your fatherland, the country of your ancestors and of your sons, then what are you doing here? You came to another people’s homeland … you expelled them and you have taken their land….

                                                Yediot Ahronot, Oct. 17, 1969. Cited in Chomsky, p 21.

My friends note carefully: Palestine is a concept. If it is Palestine and not Israel then you are f16_fighting_falconconquerors, invaders, you have no rights there, you expelled people and took their home and land.

From the lips of an Israeli statesman, Palestine – the country and its people – must die, disappear, disintegrate, evaporate, annihilated, in order for Israel to live.

For those who delude themselves into believingIMG_7839 that one day there will be a Palestinian State stop deluding yourselves. Most of the power structure in Israel and the US believe the same lies.

Begin’s words echo the thoughts, actions, deeds and guilt of Israelis who persecuted the Palestinians, took their land and are proud of their deeds.

According to Begin, for there to be an Israel there can be no Palestine. The world is not big enough for both states. Perhaps DSC03525-Bthe Israeli citizenry will confirm his “concept”. End of story.

How can the people of Israel be happy, at peace with themselves, sleep at night, knowing that they destroyed a people, stole their land, and left them destitute? End of Palestine!

In his inaugural address on January 20, 2009, President Barak Hussein Obama promised to improve Crossman co2 air pistolrelations with the Muslim World. Six years later the president has shown Muslims what cheap words and empty promises look like.

Six years later Muslims are still waiting.

 President Obama said, “To the Muslim world, f16_fighting_falconwe seek a new way forward, based on mutual interest and mutual respect.” Around the world Muslims hailed the new president as peace maker, printedT-shirts with his face on them, and the pen used to write this essay is from Kenya and it is labeled “Obama Smoothline”.

 The President does have a lot of smooth lines.IMG_0318

 President Obama has forgotten his cheap words and empty promises as the past six years have proven. Instead the president and American weapons have killed more Muslims than any other president, leader and country in history.

 President Obama’s personal “war on terrorism” means killing Muslims – old men, sick women, defenseless children – anywhere, anytime, IMG_7839weather they have committed a crime or not, without trial, guilty or not. For every terrorist he kills, 1,000 more are born.

 Instead of ending wars, the president has started new wars on Muslims. We are droning Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Syria, Iraq among others. Democracy has helped Iraq deteriorate to a new low in human history.13-10-18 Astoria Coast Guard helicopter-1

 He has effected regime change in Afghanistan and Egypt, kept dictators in power in Bahrain and Yemen, is arming all sides in Syria. Yes, he has sent Muslims to hell on this earth.

 He said, “… we seek a new way forward ….” Well no one guessed that his new way forward was to annihilate the Muslims and the Middle East.flag

 The only “interest” President Obama has shown in Muslims is to genocide them. As to “respect”, the word means blood for him. Mr. Obama has a lot of Muslim blood on his hands.

 One hopes that Nobel Committee has a Nobel War & Blood Prize prepared for themosque president. He earned it, he worked for it, he deserves it.

 He can accept it with his bloody hands – Muslim blood on those genocidal hands.



When Catholics, and then Jews began arriving here Lady Libertyttronslien-8953 greeted them with open arms and welcomed them warmly to the land of free and the home of the brave.

Lady Liberty was not prejudiced. Her heart accepted the persecuted of the world. However, the Catholics and the Jews suffered decades of American hate, prejudice and persecution. They lived the laws of marginality and knew what religious phobias and persecution were all about.IMG_0318

They got low paying jobs, the kids changed or hid their religion, lots of Jews changed their names, the list of changes they made goes on.

The Catholics and Jews suffered and suffered and it took them decades to be accepted in this Christian country where words like liberty, equality and justice for all are just that – words without meaning.

In the last 30 – 40 years the Muslims began arriving in America in large numbers. American wars and persecution in their own countries leave them no choice but to seek other shores – whether the US of European lands.DSCN7910

What greets and welcome the Muslims to America is not Lady Liberty’s open arms but Islamophobia. This is the new greetings, and these are the new immigrants to be marginalized and persecuted.

The question is: Catholics and Jews have been there, have suffered the same fate, why aren’t they speaking out against Islamophobia? As people of the Book, shouldn’t they condemn this outrage against Abraham’s other children – their cousins?

They were persecuted, hated, marginalized, treated as dirt, they know how it feels. How in the name of God can they sit in their glass houses and watch politicians and the American media accuse and God-skycondemn Muslims, marginalize them, exploit fear for all its worth and say or do nothing.

If they have memories and God within their souls then Catholics and Jews should join the fight against Islamophobia.

The Middle East is the birth place of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. God-skyGod knows why that is so. It is the place where all the Prophets of God walked and preached peace and love. Abraham, Moses, David, Solomon, Jesus, Mohammed, and all the others in-between.

As it turned out Abraham is the father of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. churchTherefore the people of these three Abrahamic faiths are all cousins.

Christianity spread to Europe through Pontius Pilot and the Roman Conquerors / Roman Empire. From day one Christians have used and abused the Jews without shame or regret. We can look at European history and note that country after country in Europe has marginalized their Jews (hence the ghettoes) exploited and oppressed them, kicked them out again and again without remorse. In any war or conflict the Jews were the first to pay with their blood. The Europeans wanted to cleanse their lands so badly of Jews that finally the British with a few friends turned Palestine in Israel and gave their Jewish cousins a “homeland”.


The final humiliation of European Jews was the great extermination known as the holocaust during WWII. To visit those hell-holes on earth, those chambers of death and see what happened to living, breathing Jews is to live with nightmares for the rest of your life.

Yes, pious Christians committed that great crime on Jews. On the other hand, Jews and Muslims – the Semitic peoples – have lived in the Middle East for centuries in peace and harmony. Muslims accepted their Jewish cousins and co-existed with them as Abraham wished.H13-22 Necrosis

Christians never accepted their Jewish cousins but used and exploited them for material gain. The Muslims always protected the Jews, read the history of Andalusia.

Today Jews have joined with their Christian cousins to exterminate their Muslim cousins. Do the Christians love the Jews or are they using them again? Perhaps they are now using each other.

Either way, the Jews have short memories.DSCF4284

The God of Abraham will watch out for Abraham’s 1.8 billion Muslim children. Let the Christians and Jews be busy with extermination and Islamophobia.

Why is everyone in the whole wide world scared of the Semites?2013-01-28_09-16-34_256 Anti-Semite! The very word evokes fear & hate & discrimination & evil & prejudice & God knows what else.

Ninety-five percent (95%) of the world’s Semites are Arabs. Is anyone out there scared of the Arabs? This is not a joke!

No one is scared of the Arabs and the Arabs couldn’t care less what anti-Semite racist, prejudice, evil, hateful jokes people make about them. They are intelligent enough to know the truth and not hide behind accusations of anti-Semitism.

The other 5% of the Semites have hijacked the term anti-Semitism and used it as a political tool for all sorts of evil gains including stealing Arab lands.DSC02526

We in the US are prejudiced and show our hateful, evil sides to Native Americans, African Americans, Latinos, Muslims, but these people bear their grief and shame and struggle on.

The Arabs, the true Semites, who should be screaming anti-Semitism against the evil, hateful, fearful, murderous empires who are killing them by millions, are quiet.

One wonders who the Semites are, and really – what is anti-Semitism?

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