The present condition of life of theDSC_5385 poor and the rich in the US has proven that democracy and capitalism do not work. On the other hand, capitalism and apartheid work very well.

Democracy – government by the people, direct or representative – America does not have this.Options-Decisions-Choices

Capitalism – private wealth and profit-making, super-rich, 1%, oppression and exploitation – America has this.

Apartheid – racial segregation, white oppression and exploitation – America has this.

IMG_1234Whatever the founding fathers of America meant or hoped for in 1776 is not what we have in 2015.

Our schools, health care, prisons, infrastructure, institutions are private and managed by the for-profit capitalist system.

IMG_2682Our manufacturing jobs are sent overseas to increase profits for capitalists.

Our country is divided along racial colour lines.

White rules. All others get out or beg.

Our intellectuals are disillusioned and our universities are silent.

H13-22 NecrosisOur media is a propaganda machine and owned by the 1%.

Our military is not here to protect our homeland, our borders, but to conquer the world while we live in fear and beg for food and medicine.

Our most important industry is selling guns and drones to anyone in America or globally who has a $.

Crossman co2 air pistolOur democratically elected men and women in congress, state and city are poor on election day but rich the next day.

Our rich white 1% for-profit capitalist oppressors and exploiters choose the candidates and pay for them to be elected.DSCN7910

If this is democracy, what is apartheid?




American soil – if it could speak – would tell tales of genocide and slavery.IMG_0318

The roots of genocide and slavery are prejudice, racism, hate, discrimination, exploitation, oppression, and ultimately apartheid. These are practices of people suffering from an inferiority complex.

This very white country claims to be a moral Christian nation.praying_on_bible_red What branch of Christianity these murderers and slave owners subscribe to is a mystery? Their Christian practices are certainly different from the Bible or what Jesus preached.

Perhaps the pilgrims, the European killers and the slave owners – now known as white supremacists – wrote their own bible which makes their current practices moral and legal.

Prejudice, racism, hate, discrimination, exploitation, oppression, and apartheid are so ingrained in the white American psyche that it seems an impossible task to ever make equality a reality in these states.

Why aren’t white politicians and people at all levels of government out in the streets screaming for changes in this country? Why aren’t white church leaders doing the same? flagWhy does law enforcement have black and white laws? Why do they entrap innocent Muslim men?

The answer is simple. Congress and the Courts enjoy the status quo. In order to maintain the status quo prejudice, racism, hate, discrimination, exploitation, oppression, and apartheid must remain in place.

America is a white country built on genocide and slavery, and it will be a long time before white genociders and slave owners accept and tolerate black brown, yellow, red ….

IMG_0491If American soil could speak what a tale it would tell.



Jesus said: Love thy neighbour as thyself. Obraz 100

Nine people died because of the colour of their skin. God gave us pigmentation, so how can we be guilty of, or responsible for, our gift from God?

Churches used to be sanctuaries where protection from evil or hunger was guaranteed.

Just imagine, but it’s hard to imagine, that he came to church with the premeditated plan to kill black people. Also, this kind of terrorism makes one unsafe and afraid to be “free’ in this country.

Premeditated, cold-blooded, heartless, an act of terrorism, a crime without reason, how can anyone shoot people in a church, in prayer, in the act of serving God?praying_on_bible_red

There is so much hate, racism, prejudice, persecution and oppression in this country that one wonders how America fell to the bottom of hell in less than 400 years.

We, in this land of immigrants and kidnapped slaves, don’t have to love each other (although Jesus did say to love your neighbour as yourself), but can’t we show tolerance and respect for each other? Can’t we accept the neighbour who is different? God’s creation all!

Nine neighbours, friends, colleagues, worshippers, were buried this week because of their colour. That’s a sad commentary on a civilized society in the 21st Century. But then again, this country was built on racism and slave labour.

praying-hands-PencilThe white supremacists in the south lost their slave labour, and they cannot forgive those laws that denied them those rights. Also, they are not about to relinquish their confederate flag and their rights to apartheid.

These good Christians believe in racism, hate, prejudice, bigotry… Amen.

Wonder how Jesus feels about their beliefs.



On US policy in the Middle East, recent news flagis that President Obama wants US troops to remain in Afghanistan. Perhaps that decision was made before the last Afghan election.

One may recall that the favourite candidate – Abdullah – was cheated and questioned the election results. The US quickly stepped in, quickly investigated, quickly found the crooks, and just as quickly declared the losing candidate the winner.DSC03525-B

The next day, the loser M. A. Ghani who was the US choice, instantly became president, (if anyone believes otherwise he is brain dead) and promptly gave the US permission to stay on Afghan soil.

How in the name of all that’s holy are these people ever going to be free of US domination and oppression to govern themselves.

H13-22 NecrosisThe US is stifling the oxygen out of their souls. Why can’t we leave them alone?

A year ago the US was getting out of Afghanistan. Even puppet Kharzai wanted them out. Now puppet Ghani “gave” permission to stay on.

The US has raped Afghanistan of all its worth. We have access to all their natural resources; we have the pipeline running through their country; we kill who we DSC04060choose, when we choose; and we hand-pick their leaders. When are we going to leave them to get on with their sorry lives?

Can’t US leaders see that we are destroying innocent lives? Theirs and our own young people. We can’t continue to devour these poor nations because we are going to choke and drop dead. It is called the death of an empire.

America needs to look at its allies – those great empires – British, French, Spanish, Dutch, German, Portuguese, and its great enemy – the USSR – they all died painful deaths. We can go further back and look at history, but we are Americans, we don’t care about history.IMG_0318

The American Empire will die too and take a billion innocent lives with it. Empires do not have conscience, hearts, souls, minds, brains, and the ability to feel pain. But the criminals who create empires do have these functions and will burn in hell for causing pain and suffering to innocent people.

2013-01-28_09-16-34_256The hungry, homeless and sick people in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Yemen, Libya, et al are feeling pain, starvation, diseases, etc. and the war-mongers do not care.

The US criminals are responsible for their suffering. Instead of stealing their resources, instead of supplying them with WMD and war machines, shouldn’t we give them food and medicine?

And hope.



Muslims are not different from Jews or Christians. They all worship the same God. IMG_0318They all worship the God of Abraham, Moses and Jesus. They are not different from Hindus or Buddhists. They are all made with the same material. They bleed and die just like Jews, Christians, Hindus and Buddhists.

What sets Muslims apart from these people of other faiths and beliefs is not their religious beliefs, but the fact that Muslim lands (or sand) have unlimited natural resources which the western powers covet.

If there were no resources – oil, gas, mineral – in the Middle East, no imperialist / colonial power – USA, England, France – would look at them twice.DSC_0361

Islamophobia is spreading like wild fire around the world. (Australia just made new laws just for Muslims.) Islam is a religion – sent by God – just like Judaism or Christianity. Religion came to mankind to make people better people. Now Islam is being blamed for the actions of a few sinners who have crossed the line from Islam to infidel.DSCF4284

This world has over 1.5 billion Muslims. Perhaps a few thousand in the past 20 years – with American and European training, arms, and influence are bad. Is it fair to blame 1.5 billion Muslims for the sins of those few infidels?

We have bad Jews, bad Christians, bad Hindus, bad Buddhists, but we do not blame their religious affiliation for the sins their criminals commit.

The persecution of Muslims is not new. It started with the Crusades in the 12th Century. praying-hands-PencilShould we blame Christians and Jesus for the Crusaders’ persecution of the Jews, Christians and Muslims they slaughtered in Jerusalem? Should we blame Judaism and Moses for the Israeli persecution of the Palestinians?

Muslims are not the persecutors – they are the persecuted. And when you push a persecuted people against the wall and they can go no further they will retaliate. Self survival demands action, and the selfish courage to confront one’s oppressors is timeless, God-skyfor example South Africa recently, India in 1947.

Muslims are facing and fighting persecution and Islamophobia.

God saved Moses’ people. God saved Jesus. God will save the Muslims.


From the first day the White European Christians landed on American soil the genocide began. Oregon Coast lighthouse (2)Whether we refer to Christopher Columbus, the holy Pilgrims, or the boat loads of criminals from England’s prisons, on arrival here, their first thoughts were to murder the Native Americans.

For the past 523 years (1492 – 2015) nothing has changed. The white invaders are still slaughtering some innocent group of the other for money and power.

DSC02822This is our history: War, concentration camps and genocide of Native Americans. Enslaving, lynching, Jim Crow, prison for African Americans. Chinese and cheap / slave labour. Japanese in camps on American soil. For the Italians, Germans, and Jews, hell on earth. The Mexicans: we stole ? annexed ? half of Mexico and on to this day Mexicans are persona non grata.

These people were past scapegoats. They served their purpose and then America left them to survive or rot in the case of the Mexicans.

flagWe now come to the Muslims. For oil and gas and minerals under the sands of the Middle East, America has destroyed the Middle East, Afghanistan, Pakistan and else where.

The Muslims on American soil pay a dear price for being Muslims in America. They are the new scapegoats.

9-11 was politically engineered to give the American war machine a valid reason for annihilating the Muslim world.13-10-18 Astoria Coast Guard helicopter-1

No country in the Middle East is safe from American imperialism / colonialism / oppression / exploitation / and genocide for oil and arms sales. (As I write we make plans to sell drones to the world.)

No Muslim on American soil is safe until America’s need for Muslim scapegoats is met.

A man with an Arabic name commits a crime, he is a terrorist. A man with a Christian name kills 26 Breaktimekids in a school, or a man kills in a theatre, or a temple, or a university campus, or a shopping centre, or three Muslim university kids, and he is a lunatic, insane, anything but a terrorist.

We must all remember that European Christians were the first terrorists – as in the Crusades.

Muslim Americans are now the scapegoats for the American war machine, the arms industry, the oil industry, and most important to create fear in the American people so as to control their lives, minds and imagination. Also known as Islamophobia!God-sky

The politics of fear is here and Muslim Americans are the current bargaining chips for American apartheid and repression of its own people. Let’s not forget also American imperialism / colonialism / oppression / exploitation / and genocide for whatever American power and capitalism need.

We have a great history for a land filled with immigrants and refugees.



When someone with an Arabic name or Muslim by religion kills people he is a terrorist.Crossman co2 air pistol As recently in France! As recently in Boston, USA! When someone who is white, American, perhaps Christian kills Muslims, as in North Carolina USA, he is anything – lunatic, hate crime – but not a terrorist.

A white American terrorist walks into a Muslim home and shoots three young Muslim kids in the head – executes them – but no one in America is calling this premeditated crime an act of terrorism.

Where are the talking heads today? Congress, politicians, holy Christian leaders, including the praying-hands-PencilPresident? Why aren’t they condemning this act of terrorism on the homeland?

(Maybe they are busy making plans to return to the Middle East and kill more Muslims.)

Where is home land security? Aren’t Muslims paying enough taxes to warrant protection? Aren’t Muslim lives worthy of outrage?

If that white man had an Arabic name or was Muslim, this whole country would be outraged and out there screaming terrorism and calling for the heads of every Muslim in this country and the whole of Europe.DSCF4284

One can only reiterate that there are more white Christian terrorists walking the earth than ever there were or will be Muslims.

It’s such a shame that the lives of three young people, with glorious, promising lives ahead of them, should be cut short by such a heinous act of terrorism.

Every day in the US the President and Congress are planning new ways to make war and kill Muslims. Why not make peace and help Muslims? War money can be peace IMG_0135-1money – food, medicine, little kids, old women. (No profit there!)

Muslims lives matter! Muslims are people just like French people, British people, American people – shoot them and they bleed and they die. Just look at those three beautiful young people from North Carolina.

Those three young people may not be dentists in this world, but Almighty God has plans for them. Inna Lillahi wa inna ilaihi Raji oun. May Allah grant them Jannat al Firdause.


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