Any dirt bag can run for Congress. No education, qualification or intelligence required. Any skillful liar will do. DSC03525-B

They need to be on the acceptable side of a social issue – abortion, gay, immigration, pipe-line, health / drug company, Israel – and the lobbyists and the billionaires will buy their seats in Congress.

This is the new democracy. Ignorant Americans, innocent voters elect, select, choose, support, vote for a self-serving candidate.

The day after the election that candidate begins to serve the lobbyists and the billionaires who bought their seats and the voters are sent to hell.DSCN7910

Ah! To join the millionaires’ club!

These stupid, greedy, self-serving politicians become stool pigeons of the 1%. They can not serve two masters at the same time, so they sell the voters and fill their pockets with money from people who paid for their “victory”.

Ah! To join the millionaires’ club!

Any half-wit congressman no matter how stupid, knows which side his toast is buttered. Greed will conquer stupidity any day. Serve the self is profitable. Serve the people is not.DSC_5394

Buying and selling congressmen is not a new game in DC. However, the practice is becoming life threatening to what we patriotically call the greatest democracy in the world.

When we can buy and sell congress democracy is dead.

One day soon the suffering, starving, sick masses – the 99% – will have to wake up and take to the streets and march on DC. Either that or apartheid!f2-DSCN2702

Whatever happened to government for the people by the people?

Check out the Millionaires’ Club.



Mr. President, while you are in denial of your Muslim ancestry / heritageIMG_4201 here is some thing you can not deny. You have done more evil than good in the Middle East and it is time you leave the Muslims alone.

If you want to imprint history as the war president then you should pick fights with Russia, China, North Korea, Germany, Iran or Japan. Pick a fight with some one who could give you your money’s worth of fun.IMG_4397

Don’t you have enough Muslim blood on your little hands? Regime change and protecting dictators in oil countries is not new American foreign policy. You have done your share in the Middle East.

By God, by all that’s holy to a good Christian leader like you, haven’t you done enough evil in the birdsMiddle East? In the world? Haven’t you killed enough women and children? Haven’t you left enough people homeless? Sick? Starving? All that blood on your hands, all those tears washing your soul! When is enough, enough?

Muslim women and kids and old men are people just like Christians and Jews. They feel, they bleed, they shed tears, they feel hunger, they get sick, just like Christians and Jews.white-swan-in-sunset-patk-las-vegas

Why don’t you leave the Muslims alone? Stop punishing them. Your war on terrorism is not killing terrorists. It is killing innocent women, kids and old men. For every terrorist you kill, 1,000 more are born.

What about all those young American lives lost? Could my tax $$ be better spent? How about women and kids starving and living in shelters on American soil? Mr. President, leave the Muslims alone. Get out of the Middle East.DSCF4284

God will bless a good Christian leader like you for showing mercy on your fellow humans even if they are only worthless Muslims.


Christmas dinner yesterday was of good food and disturbing conversation. As an immigrant family we have lived in this country for over forty-five years.ttronslien-8953

Our children served in three branches of the military. They have been in Iraq and Afghanistan.

There are teachers, doctors, nurses, and lawyers in the family. Every member is employed and pay taxes. We pay more taxes than some corporations.

It is disturbing to wake up one day and realize that Black people, Spanish people, and Muslim people, all US citizens, are not worth spit in this country.

White men / white people rule and all others are their slaves, their victims, their inferiors. It is obvious that white people hate themselves and have no flagconfidence in their abilities and use these minorities for anger management and to prove their manhood.

These white people have forgotten that most of their ancestors came to these shores as criminals out of some European prisons. The first act of the Pilgrims after arriving here was to slaughter the Native Americans.


At Christmas dinner we warned our young ones to be careful of police brutality and victimization. Stop and frisk is for real. We taught out kids that police are their friends and in trouble to go to them. Now we tell them when you see a police officer or a police car, remember these are not friends.DSCN7910

This country was built on white people – good Christian people – killing the Natives and enslaving the Africans. Lots of blood on their hands! Today, almost five hundred years later white people are still killing and enslaving anyone who is not white. Lots more blood on their hands. What is it in white people that make them blood thirsty?

Black and Hispanic men are in jail or dead as the law enforcement folks deem necessary. Muslim men are entrapped as would be terrorists and put away for life.

What will happen to our children who served in the military, God-skydefended this country in unnecessary wars, and must now walk on American soil in dread and fear for their lives?

We love this country. We hope these good white Christian people have a good answer for God.




Christmas cards are filled with messages of peace, good will, joy, hope, merriment, and all the other ornament_hollysentiments that some Christians do not practice.

Words have so little meaning. Christmas card greetings and messages are so phony. We have so many other words in our vocabulary that are also meaning-less. For example, JUSTICE, FREEDOM, LIBERTY, EQUALITY – what do these words mean?

For all Christians, Christmas is a time to celebrate the birth of the baby Jesus. It is a time to reflect, extend peace and good will to all mankind, etc.005

If Christians in power actually believed in Christmas, and the spirit of the season, and the messages in their Christmas cards, perhaps this would be a better world.

If white Christians in power believe in peace and not war, believe in dialogue and not WMD, believe in equality and not master and slave, believe in God and not the devil, perhaps this would be a better world.

Christians who pray to capitalism have turned Christmas into one long shopping parade. Christmas has no religious meaning anymore. Christmas cards are a big lie. But let’s put all that aside. We don’t want the economy to collapse.

If Christians would put God and His Prophet Jesus back into Christmas, and pray instead of shop, andchurch think no wars, no hunger, no more kids homeless, sick and starving, what a wonderful Christmas world this would be.

May greed and capitalism destroy us all? Pray no! Merry Christmas everybody!


Christianity as a religion did not civilize? humanize? the barbarians who lived in Europe.God-sky

Religion is supposed to teach people about tolerance, peace, harmony, accepting other people’s religion, in a nutshell, to co-exist with each other, accepting all the faults and short-comings of your neighbours.

European kings and leaders (holy and laymen) used Christianity to conquer the churchworld instead of saving their souls. Europeans were (still are) warriors, barbaric, uncivilized and certainly lacking in Christian morals.

Unlike the Chinese, Indian or African Civilizations, which are thousands of years old, the Europeans had nothing to lay claim on.

The Greeks had Alexandria and Mesopotamia.

If Christianity had done its job and teach the Europeans about morals, ethics, culture, the Ten Commandments, the life of Jesus Christ, then as good Christians they would not have turned the world upside down in their quest for domination.H13-22 Necrosis

And that is what European Christians did. The Christian Crusades, the slaves they bought and sold, their divide and conquer – by religion, race, tribe – rule, plundering and raping continent after continent, in search of power and gold.

Yes, European Christians have a lot to answer for as to the present sorry state of our world. They have taught their European-American immigrant brothers well. The parts of the world that they – Europeans – did not get to plunder and rape and imperialize and colonialize the Americans have taken up the call and are rapidly destroying the rest of the world.Agreement

America is the most religious, most moral country in the world right now. Our white moral religious political Christian leaders whose ancestry goes back to white Christian Europe are the best war mongers in the world. They have out done their European Christian brothers.DSCF4284

One wonders what Jesus Christ would say about the Euro-American Christian interpretation of Christianity? Time for a break you pious Christians. Mend the world. Stop destroying it.


The Middle East is the birth place of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. God-skyGod knows why that is so. It is the place where all the Prophets of God walked and preached peace and love. Abraham, Moses, David, Solomon, Jesus, Mohammed, and all the others in-between.

As it turned out Abraham is the father of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. churchTherefore the people of these three Abrahamic faiths are all cousins.

Christianity spread to Europe through Pontius Pilot and the Roman Conquerors / Roman Empire. From day one Christians have used and abused the Jews without shame or regret. We can look at European history and note that country after country in Europe has marginalized their Jews (hence the ghettoes) exploited and oppressed them, kicked them out again and again without remorse. In any war or conflict the Jews were the first to pay with their blood. The Europeans wanted to cleanse their lands so badly of Jews that finally the British with a few friends turned Palestine in Israel and gave their Jewish cousins a “homeland”.


The final humiliation of European Jews was the great extermination known as the holocaust during WWII. To visit those hell-holes on earth, those chambers of death and see what happened to living, breathing Jews is to live with nightmares for the rest of your life.

Yes, pious Christians committed that great crime on Jews. On the other hand, Jews and Muslims – the Semitic peoples – have lived in the Middle East for centuries in peace and harmony. Muslims accepted their Jewish cousins and co-existed with them as Abraham wished.H13-22 Necrosis

Christians never accepted their Jewish cousins but used and exploited them for material gain. The Muslims always protected the Jews, read the history of Andalusia.

Today Jews have joined with their Christian cousins to exterminate their Muslim cousins. Do the Christians love the Jews or are they using them again? Perhaps they are now using each other.

Either way, the Jews have short memories.DSCF4284

The God of Abraham will watch out for Abraham’s 1.8 billion Muslim children. Let the Christians and Jews be busy with extermination and Islamophobia.



Perhaps the Christian Crusades are history, long ago, long forgotten, and for Christians should remain buried like the bodies of hundreds of thousands of Muslims.DSC_0361 The goal of the Crusades was to cleanse Palestine / Jerusalem / Bethlehem of the infidel Muslims and destroy their religion.

However, in their path on their way to Jerusalem were Jews, Christians and Muslims who were all slaughtered in the name of power – not religion.

One would think that after such a shameful episode in Christian history – not to mention their defeat – the Christians would be ashamed of their conduct and try to live in peace with Jews and Muslims.SONY DSC

Christians have forgotten the Crusades. They have forgotten that Jerusalem was covered up to the knees in human blood. They have forgotten the blood on their hands. They have forgotten the hundreds of thousands of people they slaughtered. They have forgotten that they lost Jerusalem because it was the Will of God. They have forgotten that they slaughtered their own Christian brothers and sisters in their quest for power.

Again, one would think that after such genocidal behavior the Christians would learn about their Christian religion and history, and their relationship to Jews and Muslims through Abraham and understand that we are all Abraham’s children and close cousins.DSC_1414-2

We all have one common ancestor – Abraham? Don’t we?

Aren’t we all – Jews, Christians, Muslims – Abraham’s children? Aren’t we all cousins?

But throughout history the Christians have systematically tried to cleanse the earth of Jews and Muslims. Look at how Christian Europe has treated its Jewish people for 2,000 years. Can we forget it? Can we forgive it?IMG_8743a

When are Christian heads of states and Christian church leaders going to acknowledge their sinful roles in world wide oppression, exploitation, imperialism, colonialism, genocide, enslavement, and all the other evils they are responsible for on this earth?

Christian leaders in the US are now exploiting fear of Muslims and spreading Islamophobia.DSCF4284

Who will clean things up? Well, we are all waiting for the Messiah.

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