American soil – if it could speak – would tell tales of genocide and slavery.IMG_0318

The roots of genocide and slavery are prejudice, racism, hate, discrimination, exploitation, oppression, and ultimately apartheid. These are practices of people suffering from an inferiority complex.

This very white country claims to be a moral Christian nation.praying_on_bible_red What branch of Christianity these murderers and slave owners subscribe to is a mystery? Their Christian practices are certainly different from the Bible or what Jesus preached.

Perhaps the pilgrims, the European killers and the slave owners – now known as white supremacists – wrote their own bible which makes their current practices moral and legal.

Prejudice, racism, hate, discrimination, exploitation, oppression, and apartheid are so ingrained in the white American psyche that it seems an impossible task to ever make equality a reality in these states.

Why aren’t white politicians and people at all levels of government out in the streets screaming for changes in this country? Why aren’t white church leaders doing the same? flagWhy does law enforcement have black and white laws? Why do they entrap innocent Muslim men?

The answer is simple. Congress and the Courts enjoy the status quo. In order to maintain the status quo prejudice, racism, hate, discrimination, exploitation, oppression, and apartheid must remain in place.

America is a white country built on genocide and slavery, and it will be a long time before white genociders and slave owners accept and tolerate black brown, yellow, red ….

IMG_0491If American soil could speak what a tale it would tell.




For hundreds of years the white people of the world oppressed and exploited Asia, AgreementAfrica and South America. Western Europe and the United States built empires on the backs and blood of Asians and Africans.

Indians speak English and enjoy afternoon tea. Philippinoes speak Spanish. Africans speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Dutch, French. In Central and South America they got Portuguese and Spanish.

They all got a new religion to civilize them. Queen Victoria owned IMG_0318Kenya, and she gave Mt. Kilimanjaro to the Germans who owned Tanganyika because they did not own a mountain.

Later, Europe and America did not have oil, so they annexed the Middle East.

Well, the world is changing. The Africans are moving north to every country in Europe. They have very little left in their countries. They are going where the riches are. Africans speak every European language and know their customs. They want jobs, education, health care and equality.

Options-Decisions-ChoicesThe Central and South Americans are moving north to the big bad US of A against all odds especially the language barrier. More power to them. North is where the goods are!

And then we have the kidnapped Africans in the US, better known as slaves. Unfortunately, they can’t move north or south. This is their homeland, just as it is the homeland of their former owners – slave owners that is.

The white imperialists / colonialists who oppressed and exploited three continents for hundreds of years are now facing a dilemma. the journeyThe black, brown, pink, green, red, yellow people of the southern world want their piece of the pie. It is pay back time.

The white people are fighting to the death. They are good at stealing but not at sharing.

Well, at least imperialism / colonialism are over. We still have oppression, exploitation and apartheid left in the white world and in America we can add the confederate flag.


According to recent reports, homicides and other Crossman co2 air pistolcrimes are on the rise on American soil. We Americans utilize our 2nd Amendment Rights to bear arms and proudly use them as well.

Now there are eight states that have laws that permit people to carry concealed weapons. How many people would carry guns and use common sense and restraint or muscles and use their guns?

Something is wrong in this country when city after IMG_5595city is reporting a rise in homicides. For example, in NYC homicides went up 15% this year, Chicago 18%, and Atlanta 48%.

We are very worried about terrorists attacking us on American soil. In the meantime, Homeland Security has not noticed that American terrorists are doing a fine job of killing and terrorizing us while they are busy looking for Muslim Terrorists.

The weapons and homicide war in America – is it civil war or domestic terrorism? H13-22 NecrosisThe irony is this situation is that when Americans kill Americans, it is homicide. When Americans kill Muslims in their homes – as in North Carolina – it is self-defense. However, when a Muslim kills some one it is terrorism.

There are probably more guns out there than Americans. Anyone can own one, two, three guns or any number they can buy or steal. In Phoenix the gun holders were advised to carry their guns to a protest at a mosque.

P1020449One wonders who, the President, Homeland Security, Congress, Supreme Court, law enforcement, FBI, NSA, CIA, et al, is keeping an eye on this situation and do something before we have a real civil war on our hands.

The government can call it civil war, domestic terrorism, or an increase in homicide. The fact is, America is loaded up to its ears with lots of guns and are killing Americans with them. And while DSCN7910Americans are killing each other, Homeland Security is out there spreading Islamophobia, entrapping young Muslim men, and searching for Muslim terrorists.

There is just too much crime and violence in this country – and not by Muslims.

Wake up Homeland Security. Clean up America of American terrorists.



Islamophobia – prejudice and hate – is spreading in America. Muslims in America are experiencing flagdiscrimination in all walks of life and they are voicing their complaints. The media hate Muslims. They are the new scapegoats. Their religion is misunderstood. Their people are persecuted. And so on and so forth. Well, stop complaining and do something about it.

Remember that Catholics and Jews were persecuted when they first arrived in America. For them it was a long battle. It took time and patience, suffering and persecution, but they survived. Every new immigrant group has to be given this welcome treatment.

Today DSC_1414-2Catholics and Jews are accepted, successful citizens of the US. It need not be so, but America was built on persecution, genocide, slavery, etc.

Remember also that we stole half of Mexico and Mexicans are still not accepted in the US.

Muslims, it is now your turn to be persecuted. Your new name is terrorist. Thank God they have not genocided you or put you in concentration camps like the Japanese.

Well, Muslims, you can crawl out of the wood work and begin to work – like the Catholics and the Jews – to change the perceived American image of who you are and what your religion is all about.DSCN7910

For starters (1) Muslims are Abraham’s grand children, cousins of Jews and Christians. (2) While Europe wallowed in dirt (Middle Ages) Muslims were teaching the world about astronomy, math, medicine, philosophy, literature, poetry. (3) American backed terrorism in the Middle East is not Muslim’s fault. (4) Terrorists – ISIS, Al Qaeda, Taliban, Boko Haram et al (supplied with American weapons) – are not Muslims. (5) Government and media use propaganda to spread Islamophobia and create fear of Muslims in America.

DSCF4284Muslims, you are the only ones who can change your status, change your image, and change public opinion of who you are, and what you believe in.mosque

It is a monumental task ahead. The Catholics and Jews had to over come there phobias and obstacles. If they can, so can you.

From Columbus and genocide to the first Pilgrims and genocide, America was a hard land to find acceptance. It need not be so, but it is the American way. You day will come, God Willing.

Challenge and change Islamophobia Muslims!




First, I am an American. Not a hyphen-American. Race, ethnicity or religion has nothing to do with my citizenship.ttronslien-8953

I have been living on American soil since 1969, worked my way up and have paid more taxes than I can afford.

I think it is time the American propaganda machine (Government & media) stop turning me and my family – and all Muslims – into terrorists.

The previous blog detailed the service of my three sons in the US Military and I asked the question: flagHow many greedy politicians and self-serving members of Congress have served in the US Military?

I am a teacher. For the last 25 years I have taught America’s children. I taught at a school in NYC where 99% of the students were Black. Talk about 21st Century segregation. I witnessed it. I taught at another school in NYC where 90% of the students were Spanish. I taught at another school where the administrators tried to keep out certain groups because they would “bring down” the blue ribbon status of the school. These are NYC schools. Racism is alive and thriving. It is all documented in The Other Side of Teaching.

When I was teaching I was not a Muslim-American terrorist, I was a teacher preparing future citizens DSCN7910of America. As a teacher I gave my best everyday to the kids in my classroom.

Yes, I experienced prejudice, condescension, being denied positions in the academic world, but nothing like what I experienced after 9-11. That was not my fault.

I have paid my dues as an American citizen and as a proud mother of three sons in the US Military. Now I am treated as persona non grata and a terrorist.mosque

What more do I have to do to prove to the American Government, the media, and those people who are spreading fear of Muslims and creating Islamophobia that I am a law abiding citizen who loves this country and is proud to be an American?

When do I get out of the stable, the dog-house, the concentration camps, the hate slurs, the suspicious terrorist category and take my place at your table as an American citizen with respect, pride and dignity? I am waiting, God Willing!

From the first day the White European Christians landed on American soil the genocide began. Oregon Coast lighthouse (2)Whether we refer to Christopher Columbus, the holy Pilgrims, or the boat loads of criminals from England’s prisons, on arrival here, their first thoughts were to murder the Native Americans.

For the past 523 years (1492 – 2015) nothing has changed. The white invaders are still slaughtering some innocent group of the other for money and power.

DSC02822This is our history: War, concentration camps and genocide of Native Americans. Enslaving, lynching, Jim Crow, prison for African Americans. Chinese and cheap / slave labour. Japanese in camps on American soil. For the Italians, Germans, and Jews, hell on earth. The Mexicans: we stole ? annexed ? half of Mexico and on to this day Mexicans are persona non grata.

These people were past scapegoats. They served their purpose and then America left them to survive or rot in the case of the Mexicans.

flagWe now come to the Muslims. For oil and gas and minerals under the sands of the Middle East, America has destroyed the Middle East, Afghanistan, Pakistan and else where.

The Muslims on American soil pay a dear price for being Muslims in America. They are the new scapegoats.

9-11 was politically engineered to give the American war machine a valid reason for annihilating the Muslim world.13-10-18 Astoria Coast Guard helicopter-1

No country in the Middle East is safe from American imperialism / colonialism / oppression / exploitation / and genocide for oil and arms sales. (As I write we make plans to sell drones to the world.)

No Muslim on American soil is safe until America’s need for Muslim scapegoats is met.

A man with an Arabic name commits a crime, he is a terrorist. A man with a Christian name kills 26 Breaktimekids in a school, or a man kills in a theatre, or a temple, or a university campus, or a shopping centre, or three Muslim university kids, and he is a lunatic, insane, anything but a terrorist.

We must all remember that European Christians were the first terrorists – as in the Crusades.

Muslim Americans are now the scapegoats for the American war machine, the arms industry, the oil industry, and most important to create fear in the American people so as to control their lives, minds and imagination. Also known as Islamophobia!God-sky

The politics of fear is here and Muslim Americans are the current bargaining chips for American apartheid and repression of its own people. Let’s not forget also American imperialism / colonialism / oppression / exploitation / and genocide for whatever American power and capitalism need.

We have a great history for a land filled with immigrants and refugees.



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