On US policy in the Middle East, recent news flagis that President Obama wants US troops to remain in Afghanistan. Perhaps that decision was made before the last Afghan election.

One may recall that the favourite candidate – Abdullah – was cheated and questioned the election results. The US quickly stepped in, quickly investigated, quickly found the crooks, and just as quickly declared the losing candidate the winner.DSC03525-B

The next day, the loser M. A. Ghani who was the US choice, instantly became president, (if anyone believes otherwise he is brain dead) and promptly gave the US permission to stay on Afghan soil.

How in the name of all that’s holy are these people ever going to be free of US domination and oppression to govern themselves.

H13-22 NecrosisThe US is stifling the oxygen out of their souls. Why can’t we leave them alone?

A year ago the US was getting out of Afghanistan. Even puppet Kharzai wanted them out. Now puppet Ghani “gave” permission to stay on.

The US has raped Afghanistan of all its worth. We have access to all their natural resources; we have the pipeline running through their country; we kill who we DSC04060choose, when we choose; and we hand-pick their leaders. When are we going to leave them to get on with their sorry lives?

Can’t US leaders see that we are destroying innocent lives? Theirs and our own young people. We can’t continue to devour these poor nations because we are going to choke and drop dead. It is called the death of an empire.

America needs to look at its allies – those great empires – British, French, Spanish, Dutch, German, Portuguese, and its great enemy – the USSR – they all died painful deaths. We can go further back and look at history, but we are Americans, we don’t care about history.IMG_0318

The American Empire will die too and take a billion innocent lives with it. Empires do not have conscience, hearts, souls, minds, brains, and the ability to feel pain. But the criminals who create empires do have these functions and will burn in hell for causing pain and suffering to innocent people.

2013-01-28_09-16-34_256The hungry, homeless and sick people in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Yemen, Libya, et al are feeling pain, starvation, diseases, etc. and the war-mongers do not care.

The US criminals are responsible for their suffering. Instead of stealing their resources, instead of supplying them with WMD and war machines, shouldn’t we give them food and medicine?

And hope.





The simple question: Is politics and Islamophobia connected? Related? Linked together? The simple answer is, Yes!lightning

The complex answer is warfare, arms trade, political & financial power, universal control of earth & space, oppression & people, exploitation of oil & mineral from 3rd World countries, spying, surveillance, money –holding billions of $ from other countries, e.g. Iran, etc.H13-22 Necrosis

The American economy is grounded in the arms trade. We sell WMD to poor countries and push them to kill each other. We have at least 130 military bases around the world. We thrive on war – think of the unemployment rate if we reduce the military by 25%?

We oppress foreign countries and people and exploit their wealth, their oil & minerals. We police the world and have turned America into a police state. To maintain a police state people must live in perpetual fear.DSC_5769

Our surveillance net work in this country is such that what we say & eat, where we go, what and when we shop; the books we read etc. are all recorded. Every light pole with a spy machine!

And how does the American government get away with these crimes? They no longer have the USSR / Communism / Iron Curtain / Cold War to use to spread fear here and around the world.flag

Therefore, they have created Islamophobia as the new tool to put fear in the American people, control their thinking, and turn their attention away from the crisis at home. Away from: poverty, health care, education, food, homelessness, etc.

If we are daily worried about terrorists & attacks2013-01-04 22.53.21 on the home land, then we won’t worry about health care and starvation. This is the politics of fear.

Islamophobia was created to blind the American people.

Given time, the American people will learn the truth about the politics of fear, Islam and Islamophobia.

Mass media in the US is dead. On the way to the grave-yard they killed the majority of American minds. Most of our people can no longer think critically for themselves.women

They sit in front of the TV night after night and laugh themselves to sleep. And while they are in dreamland Washington is quickly taking control of their sedentary lives and shrinking brains.

We live with domestic spying, droning, framing innocent people, war upon war, well in a word turning the US Constitution into a piece of toilet paper, and the US into a police start.men

And the free press of the US, mass media et al, sits around and applauds.

Social media on the other hand is very much alive. I must confess that my knowledge of social media is very limited. However, I have faith in the freedom they have to dispense information – truth and facts.

The people of this country need to understand how Big Brother is systematically controlling their thinking.stick-boy-and-girl If they can see and understand how government control has taken over their lives then their thinking will change. They will understand we are no different from China or Russia.

If people can understand that by controlling the information they are fed, the government is controlling their thinking, their lives, their very existence, and if they disagree with such control, then they will revolt.DSC02526

Mass media is at present helping the US government to oppress the people. Social media can change that. We need more Chelsea Mannings, more Julian Assanges, and more Edward Snowdens.





The Promised Land

September 24, 2014


The Promised Land sounds like hell on earth. No one seems to be happy there. No peace, no happiness, no contentment. Next to the US, the world’s best war-mongers live there.God-sky

Well anyway, one thing is for sure: There is no such place as the Promised Land.

Here is why: If there were such a place as a blessed piece of earth called the Promised land, then the people on that land would be the goodest, happiest, moralest people in the whole wide world!

The people occupying what is called the PL are oppressors and persecutors of their cousins and neighbours – the Palestinians.IMG_8743a

So God promised Abraham’s grandchildren through Isaac and Jacob a piece of land. Would a Prophet of Abraham’s stature be cursed with such descendants as the cursed people of the PL?

Have the holy people of the Torah & the Bible forgotten that Ishmael and Isaac are both sons of Abraham, and that Ishmael’s children and Isaac’s children are cousins and neighbours?IMG_4933

Any blessed people, in God’s favour, would not behave as they do: turning Gaza into a concentration camp, persecuting and oppressing people, starving, denying and bombing innocent children.

No, God would not like this at all. No wonder the Promised Land turned out to be hell.



Michele D(emented) Backmann

September 13, 2013

Is this woman really as stupid, ignorant, uninformed, foolish and demented as she comes across in real life?

To think that this creature is a member of the US Congress is quite disturbing. What’s more disturbing is that she is allowed to leave the USA and go to foreign parts and show the world how stupid, ignorant, uninformed, foolish and demented our elected officials really are. This is the disturbing and embarrassing aspect of their lack of knowledge.

Congresswoman Michele Demented Bachmann was in Egypt on 9-8-13 and praised, lauded, congratulated, encouraged and promised 1.3 billion to the al-Sisi regime for overthrowing a democratically elected government. Several points to be noted here:

One: In her speech she connected the Muslim Brotherhood Party of Egypt to the terrorist attacks on the US of September 11, 2001. Which world is she living in to make such a connection?

Two: Has she any idea what the al-Sisi military regime is doing to the unarmed Egyptian people? How can she and cohorts praise a dictator for overthrowing a democratically elected government and slaughtering its people?

Three: Is al-Sisi fighting terrorism as she said or implementing a one-party government? Is this what the US wants in Egypt and the Middle East? A one party military regime to rule the poor?

Four: Compare al-Sisi to George Washington? Al-Sisi and Company to Thomas Jefferson?

Five: What threat has the Muslim Brotherhood posed around the world and to the USA?

If members of Congress think that the people of Egypt and that region are stupid, ignorant, uninformed, foolish and demented, then they are wrong. They may be poor and unemployed, but they are not uneducated and uninformed. And I am quite sure that they must see these congress ignoramuses for what they are: A bunch of stupid, ignorant, uninformed, foolish and demented nincompoops.

Secretary of State Kerry said, “In America you have a right to be stupid,” (NY Times Magazine). That is okay for America, I suppose. But we must not take it for granted that people, because they live in ‘third world’ countries are the same. I happen to know that the Egyptian people are quite intelligent and informed of world politics and would see right through the nonsense these congressional political hucksters are pushing for political gain and power.

Perhaps people running for Congress should take an IQ test. MDB certainly needs to take one.

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