Control the media, Control the population. What happened to the free press?ttronslien-8953 To freedom of speech? To journalists and reporters rights to report and record the crimes of politicians?

What happened to the pen is mightier than the sword? Or words are better than bullets?

Some newspapers in the US barely mentioned the Israeli invasion of Gaza or the Chelsea Manning trial. Why not?f2-DSCN2702

One that did mention the Gaza Holocaust – The NY Times – was so biased that its coverage was more propaganda than truth. The Times coverage was so nauseating that I cancelled my subscription indefinitely.

When one reads the NY Times and Newsday in the morning and must turn to BBC and Al Jazeera in the evening for the facts, the truth in Gaza and the Manning case, then it is time to cancel the subscription. Is it better for the Times to print propaganda or for Newsday to ignore the crisis in Gaza?DSC_6745

If the people of the US were given the facts about Gaza – no water, no electric, no medicine, schools and hospitals bombed, how would they react? Shouldn’t they know the truth?

Where is the outrage in the US about these atrocities? In other countries there were marches and protests. Bishop Desmond Tutu among others protested. Why not a word of protest in the US?DSC_5769

Americans are so conditioned to sit in front of the TV and laugh the night away that sometimes they are on another planet.

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERASo far social media have added to their entertainment, but not to their body of knowledge. However, social media brought down many governments and caused great trouble in other parts of the world.

Our time is coming.


How can you be anti-Semitic? You Germans claim to be the super race, so what happened to your data on the Semitic people?01160

How can you be anti-Semitic when the Semitic peoples do not live in your country?

The Semites are dark-skinned like the people of Iraq and that region. The Arabs are the Semites. Jewish people from the Arab countries are the Semites. They are about 5% of the Jewish population.Agreement

People with blond hair and blue eyes cannot possibly be Semitic. European Jews are not Semites.

Now if some people in Germany are treating their fellow citizens inhumanly that is not anti-Semitism. That is racism, prejudice, discrimination – problems of a different nature.

Labeling it anti-Semitism is one way of not facing the real issues which are centuries old. When Jewish people are attacked,IMG_0620 people all over the world are going to have to stop yelling anti-Semitism and start looking for the cause of the problem.

Hate, jealousy, personal attacks, destruction of property are all labeled anti-Semitism and that’s the end of it. Well, it should not be the end of it!Breaktime

For the past 100 years Germany has had problems with its Jewish population. Isn’t it time someone asked WHY do the Germans hate the Jews living among them? This is not anti-Semitism. These Jews are Germans not Arabs.

And until people drop the word anti-Semitism – because there are no Semites in Germany – and face the root (and dig it up) of the problem there will be no solutions to the German/Jewish or Global/Jewish tragedy.



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