For Muslims, Ramadan is the holiestIMG_0135-1 month on their (lunar) calendar. It is a time when they give up “worldly” pleasures and devote their lives to God.

Our friends and colleagues are curious about what we do for thirty (30) days. There is no mystery. Here are some of our practices during the Ramadan:

Fasting (Saum): Fasting begins one hour and half before Sunrise and ends at sunset. We follow the lunar calendar and this year the times are approx. from 4:00 A.M. to 8:30 P.M. Yes, it’s a long day (16 & 1/2 hours) without food or water. However, it is not food, but Faith in God that gives strength to the Fasting person.

Prayer (Salaat): We pray five times per day –before sunrise, midday, late God-skyafternoon, sunset, and evening. Men go to mosque, women pray at home, or mosque.

Quran: Read the Quran, learn the Quran, use it as guidance in our daily lives.

Charity (Zakaat): We give at least 2 & 1/2% of our income/wealth to the poor. From 2013-01-04 22.53.21a socio-economic point of view, giving Zakaat helps maintain a financial balance in society. Those who are able (and willing) give to the less fortunate, the orphans and the widows. However, Zakaat is not only giving money. Any act of kindness, e.g. teaching a child to read, helping someone cross the street, giving someone a meal, helping a sick person, a smile, a kind word, are all considered acts of charity.

Muslims pray for their own souls, but they Fast for God. One can fake prayers (to show off)2013-01-04 22.53.31 but one can not fake Fasting. In addition, in Ramadan one prays to God for Mercy, Forgiveness and to be Spared the Fire of Hell. One also prays for their parents, children and siblings.

It is written that in the Month of Ramadan, God would not deny a Fasting person that which he asks for.

The Holy Month of Ramadan is the best of times for practicing Muslims. Yes, there is work, and chores, and the days are long, but it is a time when we talk to God, ask him for stuff, thank him mosquefor stuff, and we are at peace with ourselves.

God wants us to love him best, even more than ourselves; and our Prophet even better than ourselves. And in Ramadan we certainly do love them more.

Kind words and forgiving faults are better than giving charity. Quran 2:263.




May the peace and blessings of God be with everyone observing Ramadan.God-sky

In the western world, the concept of jihad equals all things evil. In the Islamic world practicing jihad is building God-faring character.

Jihad is an integral part of Islam, but it is the opposite of the evil the western propaganda machine paints it to be. Here are several definitions of the concept of jihad:

1:       Every human being fights the conflicts within his heart and soul. Whatever one thinks of as right or wrong, good or evil presents a choice within one’s self. Fighting that wrong or that evil and choosing what is right or what is good is jihad.mosque

2:       In literature, as in life, as a writer or a teacher knows, the characters face conflict after conflict and must make choices. That is jihad.

3:       Every good Christian who fights the Seven Deadly Sins – greed, anger, pride, lust, sloth, gluttony, envy – is fighting his own personal jihad.

4:       Defending one’s religion or one’s belief in Almighty God is Jihad. However, Muslim killing Muslim is not Jihad, and one must separate fanaticism and political war from jihad and

According to Western propaganda we now have jihadists. In Islam there are no jihadists. The word “jihadist” was created by western propaganda and Islamophobia. People killing each other for political gain are not Muslims.

The crusaders were slaughtering Jews, Christians and Muslims in the name of Jesus. Were they fanatics or jihadists? In the US the white supremacists are defending their God given rights to own and make America white. Are they fanatics or jihadists?

DSCF4284Muslims, just like good Christians, fight the Seven Deadly Sins daily. That is inner jihad.

In this Holy Month of Ramadan, inner jihad includes the Ten Commandments of Moses and the Seven Deadly sins of St. Thomas, all of which are positive models to build the character of a good and pious Muslim!



How do we define the word “terrorist”?DSCN2178

Who are the terrorists? In the past 15 years we have been labeling people, viz Muslims, who are killing other people as terrorists. For example, in Iraq and Afghanistan the groups who did not agree with American policies, rebelled against us, and used our own weapons to kill other people were called terrorists.

Crossman co2 air pistolOsama Bin Laden did not pull the trigger himself. He ordered other people to do the killings. That made him the world’s No. 1 terrorist.

When law enforcers kill innocent / unarmed black men, are they terrorists? When a man in North Carolina kills three young Muslims for no reason, is he a terrorist? When a man kills 26 kids in a school in Connecticut, is he a terrorist? When a man kills three people in Boston, is he a terrorist because he is a Muslim?

flagIs President Obama a terrorist because he orders the killing and droning of Muslims in Yemen, Pakistan and Afghanistan? Is President Putin a terrorist because he orders the killing of his enemies? How about the heads of European states who send troops to other people’s countries to kill without questions?

How about dictators in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, who kill anyone they do not like or who the US tell them to dispose of? How about Israel’s terrorist practices in Palestine?

IMG_0135-1How about the French and the “reign of terror”, where the word terrorist came from?  

All these presidents and kings and leaders are killing innocent people every hour of the day. Are they not terrorists also? The pot calling the kettle black. If the powerful kill the weak, it’s okay. If the weak retaliate, defend themselves, they are terrorists.

Are terrorists labeled by religion? Muslim = Terrorist?

Could someone please tell me the definition of the word terrorist?    

Today is Memorial Day and across the country there are prayers for, flagand tributes to, the soldiers who gave their lives for this country.

In cemeteries flags and flowers remind the public of those who sacrificed their future so we can enjoy our future. The MIAs and POWs must also be remembered and prayed for.

Politicians (who make wars but rarely fight in them) will do their civic duties today and give great speeches and lay patriotic wreaths on soldiers’ graves everywhere.

Most of my neighbours (and three sons) are veterans and their plans for today include prayers and honouring their fallen brothers.IMG_0491

Memorial Day is a day to honour and remember our dead soldiers and that is how it should be.

On the other hand, we have forgotten the soldiers who returned and are still returning from present wars, for example, Iraq and Afghanistan.

We have approximately 500,000 veterans who are homeless. We have veterans with diseases and psychiatric problems. We have veterans who commit suicide daily. We have veterans who need rehabilitation into civilian life. (For example, education, job training and entering the work force.)

When these veterans return to America (after fighting – and killing – in some senseless wars) they are forgotten. This is wrong. They become a burden to country, family and society. This is wrong. The government used these young people in dirty wars and turned their backs on them. This is wrong.praying-hands-Pencil

Today is Memorial Day and we pray for, and honour and remember our dead heroes. That is how it should be.

However, it is a sin, a crime, and a sad commentary on us as a people and country to use and abuse the veterans who are alive, who served this country, and must now beg for food and shelter.

Today is the right day to turn our attention to those homeless veterans, those jobless veterans, those sick veterans. Let’s help them before another one commit suicide.

DSCF4284Memorial Day is a tribute to the past. For some of us, Memorial Day will have greater meaning if we also remember and care for those veterans who are alive, suffering, homeless and hungry.

May God Bless them all.

Islamophobia And Converts

November 24, 2014

According to some reports Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. DSCF4284 True or false there are some inaccuracies here. It is true that a lot of people are converting to Islam. It is false that everyone with an Arabic name is a Muslim. However, the latest count is about 1.6 billion +.

To be clear Islam is the religion and Muslims are the followers of Islam.IMG_0135-1

In recent years, there has been many converts to Islam in the US. In spite of all the prejudice, fear mongering, and Islamophobia, an intelligent analysis shows that Islam is a religion of peace.

Muslims practice daily worship of God, giving charity, donating one month of time annually to fasting and prayer.

Converts to Islam are special people. They have gone past the Islamophobia. They have committed themselves to belief in One God.

One problem that converts face is government agencies anxious to recruit them for spying on Muslims, and for committing crimes against the state to create fear mongering and Islamophobia. In recent years how many new converts have been arrested – after being framed / set-up – by police and charged with terrorist activities against the state?IMG_1234

The new converts, just learning about Islam are unaware that Islam is a religion of peace and does not advocate violence against people or state.

They trust the police, the very people they should not trust because law enforcement love these new converts who they can use to perpetuate Islamophobia.IMG_0318

And so our new converts to Islam must be careful and watch their backs. They can easily become spies and criminals and face imprisonment.

In this land of the free and home of the brave, they can easily become innocent victims of Islamophobia.

Why is everyone in the whole wide world scared of the Semites?2013-01-28_09-16-34_256 Anti-Semite! The very word evokes fear & hate & discrimination & evil & prejudice & God knows what else.

Ninety-five percent (95%) of the world’s Semites are Arabs. Is anyone out there scared of the Arabs? This is not a joke!

No one is scared of the Arabs and the Arabs couldn’t care less what anti-Semite racist, prejudice, evil, hateful jokes people make about them. They are intelligent enough to know the truth and not hide behind accusations of anti-Semitism.

The other 5% of the Semites have hijacked the term anti-Semitism and used it as a political tool for all sorts of evil gains including stealing Arab lands.DSC02526

We in the US are prejudiced and show our hateful, evil sides to Native Americans, African Americans, Latinos, Muslims, but these people bear their grief and shame and struggle on.

The Arabs, the true Semites, who should be screaming anti-Semitism against the evil, hateful, fearful, murderous empires who are killing them by millions, are quiet.

One wonders who the Semites are, and really – what is anti-Semitism?

 Salaam: Peace to the 1.5 billion Muslims around the world who, God willing, can observe this holy day.

One day – soon – Muslims will have to forget who are Sunnis and who are Shiites, and begin to work for the good of God and Islam.mosque

One day – soon – Muslims will have to give up the drones, the WMD, and the fight for power and kingdoms and return to the simple life the Holy Prophet (OWBP) and his Caliphs advocated during their life time.

One day – soon – Esau (PBWH) will be among us. Do the Muslims want him to see the mess they have made of Islam?

Today is Arafat, tomorrow is Eid. May God smile on the people of Palestine, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria and all the other troubled Muslim countries, and may He remove the evil powers among the innocent and poor and give them food, shelter and PEACE. Salaam.



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