The United States has controlled Middle East resources and politics for over seventy-five years.DSC03525-B We steal their resources. We choose their leaders and ensure that they stay in power. When they disagree with us or displease us, we dispose of them.

Kaddafi was good until he found his voice of protest. Saddam, another rebel! Morsi, the democratically elected President of Egypt – we made quick work of him. Afghanistan, we quickly elected a president who would allow our troops to remain on Afghan soil.DSC_5385

Bahrain, Yemen, Jordon, Arabia, Kuwait, all the kingdoms – we guard and ensure the democratic, fascist dictators remain in power to serve us.

There are 22 Arab countries in the Middle East. We throw in Afghanistan and Pakistan and clearly the USDSC_5394 controls every aspect of the politics and economic life of 500 million people in the region.

We oppress and exploit 500 million Arabs, Afghans and Pakistanis and then we wonder why they despise us. Of course, this goes back to the ignorance of the American people. Americans don’t know their own history. How can we expect them to know world history?DSC_1414-2

How can we expect them to know or ask questions about where their tax $$$ are going?

The Arabs know their history. They know about the Crusades, about the British and French (and Americans) dividing theirIMG_8743a land into little kingdoms, about the US taking their oil for free. They know about the US puppets sitting on thrones and running their countries.

When are we Americans going to stop oppressing and exploiting the nations in the Middle East?DSCN7910 When they have no more oil? Too late! Our empire would have fallen by then!


Muslims are not different from Jews or Christians. They all worship the same God. IMG_0318They all worship the God of Abraham, Moses and Jesus. They are not different from Hindus or Buddhists. They are all made with the same material. They bleed and die just like Jews, Christians, Hindus and Buddhists.

What sets Muslims apart from these people of other faiths and beliefs is not their religious beliefs, but the fact that Muslim lands (or sand) have unlimited natural resources which the western powers covet.

If there were no resources – oil, gas, mineral – in the Middle East, no imperialist / colonial power – USA, England, France – would look at them twice.DSC_0361

Islamophobia is spreading like wild fire around the world. (Australia just made new laws just for Muslims.) Islam is a religion – sent by God – just like Judaism or Christianity. Religion came to mankind to make people better people. Now Islam is being blamed for the actions of a few sinners who have crossed the line from Islam to infidel.DSCF4284

This world has over 1.5 billion Muslims. Perhaps a few thousand in the past 20 years – with American and European training, arms, and influence are bad. Is it fair to blame 1.5 billion Muslims for the sins of those few infidels?

We have bad Jews, bad Christians, bad Hindus, bad Buddhists, but we do not blame their religious affiliation for the sins their criminals commit.

The persecution of Muslims is not new. It started with the Crusades in the 12th Century. praying-hands-PencilShould we blame Christians and Jesus for the Crusaders’ persecution of the Jews, Christians and Muslims they slaughtered in Jerusalem? Should we blame Judaism and Moses for the Israeli persecution of the Palestinians?

Muslims are not the persecutors – they are the persecuted. And when you push a persecuted people against the wall and they can go no further they will retaliate. Self survival demands action, and the selfish courage to confront one’s oppressors is timeless, God-skyfor example South Africa recently, India in 1947.

Muslims are facing and fighting persecution and Islamophobia.

God saved Moses’ people. God saved Jesus. God will save the Muslims.


It’s time we face the hidden facts. Let’s look at American Christian terrorists.IMG_2713

White Christian terrorists lynching black people for two hundred years is certainly acts of terrorism.

White Christian terrorists bombing abortion clinics is certainly terrorism. White Christian terrorists sending letters and packages to innocent people with the white stuff (anthrax) with intent to kill is certainly acts of terrorism.

Law enforcement “stop and frisk” black and Latin men are a form of legal terrorism. Law enforcement spying in mosques, interrogating over 750,000 innocent Muslims is again legal terrorism.H13-22 Necrosis

We have enslaved and terrorized people from Africa for hundreds of years. We have terrorized Japanese and put them is camps for years. We have terrorized Native Americans for hundred of years. The list is incomplete.

White gunmen shooting innocent people – and kids – in schools, theatres, temples, universities, churchshopping malls etc. are all acts of terrorism. These acts of terrorism were all committed by White Christian terrorists. Where is the outrage America? Where is the outrage television and newspapers?

It is time the media, and we the American people, face our crimes. We have more white Christian terrorists in America than we have from any other race or religion.

Why are we pointing the finger when we have a history of concealed terrorism?praying-hands-Pencil

Lynching, bombing clinics, terrorizing minorities, shooting people in schools, terrorizing Muslims are all acts of terrorism.

White God-fearing American Christians wrote the book on TERRORISM.

Let’s look at some statistics. Christians – Europeans and Americans – have H13-22 Necrosisthe largest number of groups of terrorists. They control the media and suppress this information.

Other parts of the world: According to State Department secret information (on the internet) in 2013 alone, Jewish terrorists committed 399 acts of terrorism on Palestinian civilians, causing death, physical injuries, and vandalism on mosques and churches.IMG_7839

Buddhist terrorists have been killing Muslims for years in Burma and the Christian world turns the other way. The Christian media gives no coverage to these acts of terrorism.Crossman co2 air pistol

Buddha preached love and self sacrifice for all life – even ants must live. The new Buddhist terrorists have no respect for life, limb or property.

In Sri Lanka, the Buddhist terrorists have been killing Muslims, burning their property and business, and again the media and Christian world are silent on these atrocities.IMG_5595

In the US, 152 acts of terrorism, two by Muslims got world-wide coverage, and 150 by Americans got the silent media treatment. The media and the government use two acts to create fear and Islamophobia and sweep 150 acts of white terrorism under the rug.

In Europe, country after country – France, England, Greece, Italy, Norway – Christian terrorists have committed acts of terrorism that gets very little media in Europe or the US.Breaktime

Let one Muslim – acting alone or in a group – cross the line and Islam, Muslims, the Prophet, are all labeled terrorists. The European Christians gave the world terrorism, imperialism, colonialism, divide and conquer, turned Africans into slaves, enslaved the Middle East for their oil, and so on, and so forth. If it was evil the European Christians gave it to the world.DSCF4284

If we are condemning terrorism, let’s condemn Christian, Jewish, Buddhist and Muslim Terrorists. Why single out the smallest group and burn them at the stake?

The present Christian gesture is to turn the world against Muslims and bury Islam. Why? Oh! Let’s not forget they still want the oil below the sand. night moon

Islam is God’s religion. He will protect His religion, His Prophets, and His Muslims.

March on all ye Christian soldiers.

In his inaugural address on January 20, 2009, President Barak Hussein Obama promised to improve Crossman co2 air pistolrelations with the Muslim World. Six years later the president has shown Muslims what cheap words and empty promises look like.

Six years later Muslims are still waiting.

 President Obama said, “To the Muslim world, f16_fighting_falconwe seek a new way forward, based on mutual interest and mutual respect.” Around the world Muslims hailed the new president as peace maker, printedT-shirts with his face on them, and the pen used to write this essay is from Kenya and it is labeled “Obama Smoothline”.

 The President does have a lot of smooth lines.IMG_0318

 President Obama has forgotten his cheap words and empty promises as the past six years have proven. Instead the president and American weapons have killed more Muslims than any other president, leader and country in history.

 President Obama’s personal “war on terrorism” means killing Muslims – old men, sick women, defenseless children – anywhere, anytime, IMG_7839weather they have committed a crime or not, without trial, guilty or not. For every terrorist he kills, 1,000 more are born.

 Instead of ending wars, the president has started new wars on Muslims. We are droning Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Syria, Iraq among others. Democracy has helped Iraq deteriorate to a new low in human history.13-10-18 Astoria Coast Guard helicopter-1

 He has effected regime change in Afghanistan and Egypt, kept dictators in power in Bahrain and Yemen, is arming all sides in Syria. Yes, he has sent Muslims to hell on this earth.

 He said, “… we seek a new way forward ….” Well no one guessed that his new way forward was to annihilate the Muslims and the Middle East.flag

 The only “interest” President Obama has shown in Muslims is to genocide them. As to “respect”, the word means blood for him. Mr. Obama has a lot of Muslim blood on his hands.

 One hopes that Nobel Committee has a Nobel War & Blood Prize prepared for themosque president. He earned it, he worked for it, he deserves it.

 He can accept it with his bloody hands – Muslim blood on those genocidal hands.



Palestinian State: NEVER!

December 29, 2014


Here are a few facts:

– A country, a state needs land to be a state. There is no land left for a viable Palestinian State.H13-22 Necrosis

– American leaders have killed every word, vetoed every suggestion of a Palestinian State.

– Israel is our 51st State, our spying in and control of the Middle East.

– America, Britain and allies have supported every Israeli land grab and settlement built on Palestinian land.13-10-18 Astoria Coast Guard helicopter-1

– A Palestinian State is an insider dirty joke between America and Israel.

– The Israelis will never be happy because they will always live in fear.

– Mahmud Abbas is not worth spit. He has been negotiating for 25 useless years and has nothing to show for it. He negotiated away Palestine and the Palestinians. He sits on his brain and his ass is in his head.

– Hamas – good or bad – is holding on to Gaza.f2-DSCN2702

Two suggestions:

  1. Send the Palestinian Christians to live in Christian countries, viz. White House, DC and Downing Street, London. Brits would sell their mums to keep the Jews in Israel.
  2. The Palestinian Muslims can be pushed into the Mediterranean, sent to other Arab countries, or the American and Israelis could genocide them like we did the Native Americans whom we did not want.DSCF4284

Now, for the shame of the Muslim world. There are 22 Arab countries, and there is Turkey, Iran, Indonesia, Malaysia and all the “Stans”. Granted some of them, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, thanks to our holy American wars are not in a position to help, but more of these countries should reach out a helping hand to the Palestinians. Some are neutral. Some are on the American payroll. Some are afraid of Israel. Saudi Arabia is a selfish hypocrite.

How can the Muslim (so called) leadership turn their backs on Palestinians God-skywho need food, shelter, medicine, clothes and necessities for daily survival?

Palestinians: How can you have state?

It would take an Act of God to change your lives.

Sharia: Rules Muslims live by like the Ten Commandments.f2-DSCN2702

Can you tell Catholics to throw away their rosaries? Stop the Hail Marys? NO.

Can you tell the Jews to throw out the Halacha laws? NO.

American politicians have already passed legislation to prohibit Muslims from practicing Sharia.

American politicians are so stupid. DSCN7910If only they would read and increase their knowledge (and try to appear intelligent) they might be able to serve the people who elected them in a positive way.

Muslims – the followers of Islam – must obey the Ten Commandments of Moses. They must accept Jesus as a Prophet of God. They must believe that Jesus is returning one day. If they don’t, then they can’t claim to be Muslims.

Jews and Christians have religious rules which they must follow in their daily lives if they claim to be Jews or Christians. In the same way Muslims have rules which they must follow in their daily lives if they claim to be Muslims. These rules are called Sharia.language

Sharia covers personal and domestic cleanliness, dress, food, greetings, charity, borrowing and lending money, prayer, family obligation, to name a few.

If our politicians would have a dialogue with people of the Muslim Faith and clarify what Sharia is, then they might see that their paranoia is uncalled for.

It would be shocking to find out that Catholic and Jewish politicians are supporting this nonsense. One wonders if politicians all over the world are as stupid as American politicians. Anyway, Sharia is simply the rules – public and private – that a Muslim – male or female – lives by.

All over this country, in every public bathroom, there are signs telling people to wash their hands. Muslims don’t have to be reminded to wash their hands. They do it as part of Sharia. They were taught as kids to wash after every visit to the bathroom.

In Muslim countries – Morocco, Egypt, Turkey, Jordon + 20 others – the bathrooms are equipped with special connections to help Muslims keep themselves clean 24 hours per day.DSCF4284

American politicians should visit some Muslim bathrooms. They might even learn to keep themselves clean.


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