What a shocking surprise! Thomas Jefferson,IMG_0491 third President of the United States Of America, read the Quran.

For those who don’t know, the Quran is the holy book of the Muslims.

One wonders what TJ learned and took away from the Quran.

No doubt he was a brilliant man. He drafted the declaration flagof independence in seventeen days. Perhaps separation of church and state was one idea he got from reading the Quran. On July 4, the wording of the Declaration of Independence composed by Jefferson was finalized and signed by members of Congress.

Now, if the present members of Congress mindwith their low level of intelligence were to follow TJ’s example and get a copy of the Quran and read it, they might learn a few things about Islam and Muslims. However, one has little hope that members of the present Congress can improve their minds.IMG_0135-1

Anyway, if Thomas Jefferson can read the Quran and learn from it, then all these nincompoops masquerading as intellectuals and law-makers can read it as well.

Go for it America! Read the Quran.



Congress has been debating the Immigration Bill for years now.IMG_0491 The President orders the deportation of hundreds of thousands of immigrants. Somebody named bigot Sessions vowed last year (2014) to debate the bill to death.

Is this issue about the President, the Democrats, the Republicans or 11 million people living in limbo and treated like criminals? They work and pay taxes but get no benefits in return. Some of them have lived in the US for over 20 years; their children know no other home.

If the white law-makers in Congress were to trace their ancestry they might find a few jail birds among their grandfathers.

The Brits used to empty their jails, load the criminals on ships and post them to the new colonies – America and Australia. Perhaps bigot Sessions’ ancestors were on one of those ships.DSC02822

Now we do not have that kind of immigrant in the US. However they landed on US soil, their desire is to live in these United States legally, and work for their American dream. So far they are living the American nightmare!

This country was built on the backs of immigrants. Chinese, Spanish … their blood, sweat and cheap labour … ask Cesar Chavez. He fought for their rights.DSCN7910

Every transplanted American citizen can trace his blood line to a foreign land. Well, what is the problem with bigot Session and his white supremacist friends?

This land belongs to the Natives. The Tribes. All the rest of us are guests or immigrants. The Natives and this land welcomed us and gave us opportunities beyond our wildest dreams. Why can’t we share with those 11 million people?

Here is why we can’t share. flagPeople like bigot Sessions have two goals. One is a President, who in their eyes must fail, and the other is to prevent 11 million people from becoming voters – just in case they decide to vote for the other party.

The white supremacists are intolerant of a vast majority of the people in this country. Right now Muslims are at the top of the list. We can add Jews, Blacks and immigrants. At least these the journeygroups are not jail birds or criminals like those who landed 300 years ago.

Oh! And the Natives on whose land we are trespassing are still fighting for the rights of their own land.


Yes, the Patriot Act expired on 6-1-15 to the delight of flagSenator Rand Paul, and to the dismay of the Republicans who created this spy network.

But who cares? Spying and surveillance will continue with more vigor and determination than ever before.

We are now a nation controlled by its government. Who dares to deny that? We spy on ourselves, our friends, our allies, and our enemies.

One must admire Rand Paul for his lone courageIMG_0491 and willingness to stand up to the Senate. However, one feels that before long the Patriot Act will return stronger and more detrimental to the public and the people of the US.

Let those who criticize Russian and Chinese government policies be reminded that our government is worse than they are. The Russians and Chinese do not have First, Second, Fifth, Fourteenth or any other rights, do not pretend otherwise, and Russian and Chinese people do not claim any such rights.

We the people in the US have these Rights, and many other rights and amendments on paper, but today, those rights are used for a good argument.

Every building – post office, bank, supermarket, store – we walk into, our presence, activities and transactions are recorded. At the airport, they X-ray us naked. Every phone P1020449call, e-mail, and purchase made is recorded by government surveillance. Well, what privacy are we the people of the United States talking about?

The only people who enjoy protection and privacy in this country are the police and other law enforcement criminals such as the FBI, CIA, NSA, etc. They can kill black people, excuse the rich, entrap Muslims, and manufacture evidence to suit their crimes with impunity.

Yes, parts of the Patriot Act expired, but who cares? H13-22 NecrosisAre Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden now free and safe?

Senator Rand Paul, you have a long way to go to restore freedom and the rights of the people in this Land of the Free and Home of the Brave.

If you can, I might even vote for YOU!



On US policy in the Middle East, recent news flagis that President Obama wants US troops to remain in Afghanistan. Perhaps that decision was made before the last Afghan election.

One may recall that the favourite candidate – Abdullah – was cheated and questioned the election results. The US quickly stepped in, quickly investigated, quickly found the crooks, and just as quickly declared the losing candidate the winner.DSC03525-B

The next day, the loser M. A. Ghani who was the US choice, instantly became president, (if anyone believes otherwise he is brain dead) and promptly gave the US permission to stay on Afghan soil.

How in the name of all that’s holy are these people ever going to be free of US domination and oppression to govern themselves.

H13-22 NecrosisThe US is stifling the oxygen out of their souls. Why can’t we leave them alone?

A year ago the US was getting out of Afghanistan. Even puppet Kharzai wanted them out. Now puppet Ghani “gave” permission to stay on.

The US has raped Afghanistan of all its worth. We have access to all their natural resources; we have the pipeline running through their country; we kill who we DSC04060choose, when we choose; and we hand-pick their leaders. When are we going to leave them to get on with their sorry lives?

Can’t US leaders see that we are destroying innocent lives? Theirs and our own young people. We can’t continue to devour these poor nations because we are going to choke and drop dead. It is called the death of an empire.

America needs to look at its allies – those great empires – British, French, Spanish, Dutch, German, Portuguese, and its great enemy – the USSR – they all died painful deaths. We can go further back and look at history, but we are Americans, we don’t care about history.IMG_0318

The American Empire will die too and take a billion innocent lives with it. Empires do not have conscience, hearts, souls, minds, brains, and the ability to feel pain. But the criminals who create empires do have these functions and will burn in hell for causing pain and suffering to innocent people.

2013-01-28_09-16-34_256The hungry, homeless and sick people in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Yemen, Libya, et al are feeling pain, starvation, diseases, etc. and the war-mongers do not care.

The US criminals are responsible for their suffering. Instead of stealing their resources, instead of supplying them with WMD and war machines, shouldn’t we give them food and medicine?

And hope.



Islamophobia – prejudice and hate – is spreading in America. Muslims in America are experiencing flagdiscrimination in all walks of life and they are voicing their complaints. The media hate Muslims. They are the new scapegoats. Their religion is misunderstood. Their people are persecuted. And so on and so forth. Well, stop complaining and do something about it.

Remember that Catholics and Jews were persecuted when they first arrived in America. For them it was a long battle. It took time and patience, suffering and persecution, but they survived. Every new immigrant group has to be given this welcome treatment.

Today DSC_1414-2Catholics and Jews are accepted, successful citizens of the US. It need not be so, but America was built on persecution, genocide, slavery, etc.

Remember also that we stole half of Mexico and Mexicans are still not accepted in the US.

Muslims, it is now your turn to be persecuted. Your new name is terrorist. Thank God they have not genocided you or put you in concentration camps like the Japanese.

Well, Muslims, you can crawl out of the wood work and begin to work – like the Catholics and the Jews – to change the perceived American image of who you are and what your religion is all about.DSCN7910

For starters (1) Muslims are Abraham’s grand children, cousins of Jews and Christians. (2) While Europe wallowed in dirt (Middle Ages) Muslims were teaching the world about astronomy, math, medicine, philosophy, literature, poetry. (3) American backed terrorism in the Middle East is not Muslim’s fault. (4) Terrorists – ISIS, Al Qaeda, Taliban, Boko Haram et al (supplied with American weapons) – are not Muslims. (5) Government and media use propaganda to spread Islamophobia and create fear of Muslims in America.

DSCF4284Muslims, you are the only ones who can change your status, change your image, and change public opinion of who you are, and what you believe in.mosque

It is a monumental task ahead. The Catholics and Jews had to over come there phobias and obstacles. If they can, so can you.

From Columbus and genocide to the first Pilgrims and genocide, America was a hard land to find acceptance. It need not be so, but it is the American way. You day will come, God Willing.

Challenge and change Islamophobia Muslims!




European Jews in Palestine: They took European terrorism, European imperialism and colonialism, DSC_1414-2European oppression and exploitation, European apartheid and slave practices, European greed and envy and turned Palestine into Israel.

Not content with stealing the land and making the Palestinians refugees in their own land, they now systematically genocide the Palestinians.

The European Jews learned their genocidal policies very well. For thousands of years they were the victims of European persecution.IMG_8743a One would think they would have learned all about compassion and extending same to the Palestinians.

Now the European/Israeli Jews in Palestine have changed into terrorists, imperialists, colonialists, oppressors, exploiters, slave owners, and rulers of an apartheid state. They are some of the greediest, ego-centric, self centered people on earth.DSC_0361

If Palestine/Israel is to survive, then they will need to change policies and make more friends in the Middle East. So far they have one “friend”. The USA!

When oil and mineral in the Middle East are depleted and the US no longer needs the strategic location of Israel the “friendship” will end. What will Israel do then? Fall back on nuclear bombs?

DSCF4284European Jews wanted a homeland. They got one thing wrong. They should have left European terrorist policies in Europe and created their own policy to co-exist with the Palestinians whose land they were renting.

Instead, they took European policies which include the evils in the first paragraph above to Palestinechurch and destroyed land and people.

It is only a matter of time before the European Jews in Israel self-destruct.

However, it is never too late to change policies.



The “Dark Ages” 500-1500 A.D.

Petrarch (1304 – 1374) “used this label to describe … a lack of quality in the Latin literature of his day law-books-4… other thinkers … included lack of culture and advancement in Europe.”

While the Europeans wallowed in ignorance in the Dark Ages Muslim scholars and philosophers were educating the world.

Europeans are proud of their contributions to Western Civilization. They gave us the Crusades, slavery, colonialism, imperialism, apartheid, capitalism, greed, and corruption among other things.

They gave us terrorism. England and France had no compunction, no guilt about chopping off heads.books

Muslim thinkers on the other hand gave the world a body of knowledge that changed the world. There are dozens of Muslim scholars and philosophers. Here are ten:

  1.  Al-Husayn Ibn Sina (980-1037) was born in Iran. Latin name: Avicenna. Metaphysics, philosophy, mathematics, logic, and his famous Canon of Medicine.
  2.  Abu Hamid M. al-Ghazali (1059-1111) was born in Iran. Works include science, philosophy, theology.
  3.  Abu al-Walid Ibn Rushd (1126 -1198) was born in Cordoba. Latin name: Averroes.
  4.  Abu Nasr al-Farrabi (died 950) Born in Iran, lived in Damacus. Latin name: Abunaser.
  5.  Jabir Ibn Hayyan (died 815) was born in Baghdad. Latin name: Geber.
  6.  Zakariyya al-Rhazi (850-925) was born in Iran. Latin name: Rhazes.
  7.  Abd al-Karim al-Shahrastani (1076-1153) was born in Iran.
  8.  Musa al-Khawarizmi (800-847) was born in Iran and called to Baghdad.
  9.  Yahya al-Maghribi (died 1174), origins in the Maghreb.
  10.  Abdallah al-Battani (858-929) was born in Syria. Latin name: Albategnius.

Please note: Some of these people were given Latin names and their works were translated into Latin and sent to Rome. Why?sZVNBOmc

For space, it is impossible for me to include what these great scholars contributed to our world. Please go on line and check them out! Check out the other 30 scholars also.

Today we treat Muslims as non-entities. The Europeans and the Americans would do well to look at their history and at Muslim history and compare who gave what to civilization.

mindPerhaps Europeans and Americans are still learning to be civilized or still wallowing in ignorance.


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