For people who have never taught a classclassroom in any school, especially public schools, it is easy for them to become classroom and education critics.

It is easy for politicians to be on the outside, look in and critique teachers.

For administrators who crawl through graduate school, somehow secure AP and principal licenses’, spend a year or two in the classroom and then move to the principal’s office, it is easy for them to flex the power in their tongue muscles instead of their brain mindmuscles.

There were two failed businessmen in a certain high school who managed to get that principal’s license and thanks to well placed godfathers stepped into the principal’s office in record time.literature

One made no secret that he was there for the pension and the health benefits.

The politicians are in la-la land. Politicians need no education to become elected officials and yet they become experts on education policy and teacher evaluation.

Administrators, in most cases, supervise teachers with more education and experience than they have and yet must show their power by harassing and berating teachers at every opportunity.stick-boy-and-girl

Yes, there are “bad” teachers, perhaps one in a hundred. There are also bad doctors; lawyers who are swindlers and most politicians are synonymous with crime, lobbying and get-rich-quick deals. Compared to these people one bad teacher is excusable.

It is time for the media and the politicians Breaktimeto give teachers a break and concentrate on improving the education system. We are not hurting teachers. They all have masters and higher degrees and can and will survive. The day is coming when we will wish these teachers were back in the classroom.

flagWe are denying our children their birth-right, jeopardizing the future of this country, and hastening the demise of our #1 status in the world.

Without an educated population this country has no future.


It is wonderful, really exciting how law-enforcement (LE) personnel are entrapping these youngflag Muslim plotters and cleaning up America. I feel so much safer. If only they had gotten the North Carolina terrorist before he killed those three Muslim Students.

One knows how LE entraps Muslim men, but one wonders why they do it? To prove what? If LE can not find a reason for their existence, must they then concoct one? Home Land Security is in dire straits this week. Congress is slow to approve their money. They had to do something! Boom! They “found” terrorists!

Could it be that LE needs an excuse to hold the American people hostage and Islamophobia is a very good reason? Rule by fear!IMG_0491 That’s the Soviet Union and China, isn’t it!

One wonders what LE would do for entertainment without young Muslim men to prey on. One wonders how people like these swines and shit heads can sleep at night knowing their dirty deeds will send three innocent kids to the guillotine.

For young men like these, there is no defense. There is no trial and no justice. They are guilty. They are gone for life. Just like that!

People with this kind of job must have a lot of hate, prejudice, racism and a desperate need in their souls to destroy.

If this is how LE in the United States of America has to earn their living, then this is a country without DSCN7910morals, shame, ethics, principles – a country without hope. A country without soul. Yes, if this is how low we have sunk, we have no hope.

Now that we know our tax $$$ and an immoral body of people – LE – are sweating shamelessly to keep us safe, we shall sleep well tonight.

Can you people –LE – sleep tonight knowing you have destroyed three innocent men and you have their blood on your hands?


This great country of ours – the US of A –the world police – land of opportunity – the greatest P1020449democracy in the universe, etc. etc. etc. is in great danger of becoming an apartheid country, a police state, a fascist regime.

Racial practices by police and public institutions are destroying the very foundation of this country. We have a private prison system (who ever heard of a private prison system?) where black and Spanish men are kicked into for any or no reason. They can expect to remain in private prison for the better part of their lives, without trial.DSC_5769

Even illegal immigrants are kicked into private prisons instead of being deported.

We have a police system in this country where white cops can just shoot black and minority men for fun. Even white civilians can shoot black and Spanish men for fun and get away with it. Can you imagine shooting and killing a black kid because you did not like his loud music? How about the “hoodie” kid who just looked suspicious? DSCN7910All these white killers are free to kill again. No private prison time for white murderers.

Well, this country is a mess. We have too many guns in the wrong hands.

A gun state. A police state. White rulers in an apartheid state. We have white men in Congress Millionaires Club who see everything white and the black and the Spanish can go to private prison or hell whichever comes first.

This country is in trouble and the white racist power structure either like it this way or don’t care about racism, poverty, and the rest of us.DSCF4284

A good guess is the white racist power structure like it this way, designed it this way, and don’t give a damn about the poor, the black, the brown, the 99%.

This is why one wishes all politicians and leaders will, must, should go to hell.

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