The Middle East is the birth place of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. God-skyGod knows why that is so. It is the place where all the Prophets of God walked and preached peace and love. Abraham, Moses, David, Solomon, Jesus, Mohammed, and all the others in-between.

As it turned out Abraham is the father of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. churchTherefore the people of these three Abrahamic faiths are all cousins.

Christianity spread to Europe through Pontius Pilot and the Roman Conquerors / Roman Empire. From day one Christians have used and abused the Jews without shame or regret. We can look at European history and note that country after country in Europe has marginalized their Jews (hence the ghettoes) exploited and oppressed them, kicked them out again and again without remorse. In any war or conflict the Jews were the first to pay with their blood. The Europeans wanted to cleanse their lands so badly of Jews that finally the British with a few friends turned Palestine in Israel and gave their Jewish cousins a “homeland”.


The final humiliation of European Jews was the great extermination known as the holocaust during WWII. To visit those hell-holes on earth, those chambers of death and see what happened to living, breathing Jews is to live with nightmares for the rest of your life.

Yes, pious Christians committed that great crime on Jews. On the other hand, Jews and Muslims – the Semitic peoples – have lived in the Middle East for centuries in peace and harmony. Muslims accepted their Jewish cousins and co-existed with them as Abraham wished.H13-22 Necrosis

Christians never accepted their Jewish cousins but used and exploited them for material gain. The Muslims always protected the Jews, read the history of Andalusia.

Today Jews have joined with their Christian cousins to exterminate their Muslim cousins. Do the Christians love the Jews or are they using them again? Perhaps they are now using each other.

Either way, the Jews have short memories.DSCF4284

The God of Abraham will watch out for Abraham’s 1.8 billion Muslim children. Let the Christians and Jews be busy with extermination and Islamophobia.


Mass media in the US is dead. On the way to the grave-yard they killed the majority of American minds. Most of our people can no longer think critically for themselves.women

They sit in front of the TV night after night and laugh themselves to sleep. And while they are in dreamland Washington is quickly taking control of their sedentary lives and shrinking brains.

We live with domestic spying, droning, framing innocent people, war upon war, well in a word turning the US Constitution into a piece of toilet paper, and the US into a police

And the free press of the US, mass media et al, sits around and applauds.

Social media on the other hand is very much alive. I must confess that my knowledge of social media is very limited. However, I have faith in the freedom they have to dispense information – truth and facts.

The people of this country need to understand how Big Brother is systematically controlling their thinking.stick-boy-and-girl If they can see and understand how government control has taken over their lives then their thinking will change. They will understand we are no different from China or Russia.

If people can understand that by controlling the information they are fed, the government is controlling their thinking, their lives, their very existence, and if they disagree with such control, then they will revolt.DSC02526

Mass media is at present helping the US government to oppress the people. Social media can change that. We need more Chelsea Mannings, more Julian Assanges, and more Edward Snowdens.





In thirty (30) years or so most of the children of the Electronic Age maybe deaf, blind and suffering memory loss. lap topAnyone thinking of becoming a doctor should consider the ears, the eyes, and the memory bank.

Our children from the cradle henceforth are given toys that destroy their hearing, their sight, and their brain. Their ears are plugged in, their eyes are glued to tiny screens, and their heads go blank.desks

Toddlers throw tantrums when their little hand-held toys are taken away. Grade school kids stay up until two or three in the morning texting, or playing games. Then they show up at school without homework and promptly fall asleep at their desks.

Parental supervision is one aspect of this crisis. The bigger problem is the future problem when one day we wake up and our children and grandchildren are suffering from hearing loss, eye sickness, and can’t recall what they ate for dinner.mind

And then there are those who complain about the obesity problems. Immobile children armed with mobile devices are heading for obesity. Not long ago they used to play outside in fresh air.

Everyday the technology companies are reporting record profits. What they are selling are deafness, blindness, memory loss and obesity. And no one seems to care!


The bottom line is: You should not have to pay to get your book published.the journey

The fact of the matter is: self-publishing is enticing, but the exploited poor writers do not reap the profits.

The old cliché for writers used to be publish or perish. Then in the age of cyber tech self-publishing was born. They know writers are anxious to get their works published so they exploit them. The people behind these companies are anonymous. In complete anonymity they grad your money, swindle you blind, and disappear into cyber space.DSC_5394

Self-publishing is the new form of exploiting poor unsuspecting writers who are hell bent on producing thoughts and words on paper for the “audience” of said thoughts and words.

This is the peril of self-pub. One wonders how many hundreds of millions of $$$ poor writers lose every year in this new scam. It is heart breaking. Yikes!However, greed will drive industries like self-pub, while the need to “succeed” will drive writers to the poor house.

Perhaps one day fools like me will realize that putting money into self-pub is like flushing money down the toilet. Do it if you have money to lose, but expect nothing in return.

The minute you pay them, they disappear in cyber space.

In a word, self publishing is a disillusioning experience.


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