What a shocking surprise! Thomas Jefferson,IMG_0491 third President of the United States Of America, read the Quran.

For those who don’t know, the Quran is the holy book of the Muslims.

One wonders what TJ learned and took away from the Quran.

No doubt he was a brilliant man. He drafted the declaration flagof independence in seventeen days. Perhaps separation of church and state was one idea he got from reading the Quran. On July 4, the wording of the Declaration of Independence composed by Jefferson was finalized and signed by members of Congress.

Now, if the present members of Congress mindwith their low level of intelligence were to follow TJ’s example and get a copy of the Quran and read it, they might learn a few things about Islam and Muslims. However, one has little hope that members of the present Congress can improve their minds.IMG_0135-1

Anyway, if Thomas Jefferson can read the Quran and learn from it, then all these nincompoops masquerading as intellectuals and law-makers can read it as well.

Go for it America! Read the Quran.



How do we define the word “terrorist”?DSCN2178

Who are the terrorists? In the past 15 years we have been labeling people, viz Muslims, who are killing other people as terrorists. For example, in Iraq and Afghanistan the groups who did not agree with American policies, rebelled against us, and used our own weapons to kill other people were called terrorists.

Crossman co2 air pistolOsama Bin Laden did not pull the trigger himself. He ordered other people to do the killings. That made him the world’s No. 1 terrorist.

When law enforcers kill innocent / unarmed black men, are they terrorists? When a man in North Carolina kills three young Muslims for no reason, is he a terrorist? When a man kills 26 kids in a school in Connecticut, is he a terrorist? When a man kills three people in Boston, is he a terrorist because he is a Muslim?

flagIs President Obama a terrorist because he orders the killing and droning of Muslims in Yemen, Pakistan and Afghanistan? Is President Putin a terrorist because he orders the killing of his enemies? How about the heads of European states who send troops to other people’s countries to kill without questions?

How about dictators in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, who kill anyone they do not like or who the US tell them to dispose of? How about Israel’s terrorist practices in Palestine?

IMG_0135-1How about the French and the “reign of terror”, where the word terrorist came from?  

All these presidents and kings and leaders are killing innocent people every hour of the day. Are they not terrorists also? The pot calling the kettle black. If the powerful kill the weak, it’s okay. If the weak retaliate, defend themselves, they are terrorists.

Are terrorists labeled by religion? Muslim = Terrorist?

Could someone please tell me the definition of the word terrorist?    

How many war mongers in Congress joined the US military and defended America?f16_fighting_falcon How about those Supreme Court Judges? How about those war Presidents? Governors? Mayors? State and City elected officials all over his country? No guts? No patriotism?

The very people who are making laws and selling arms to Muslims so they can kill each other did not have the guts to join the military and defend their own country.

Well, here is some news for your gutless politicians and law makers: My three Muslim sons joined the US military and defended the American people with pride and courage.H13-22 Necrosis

Son No. 1 – Marines: Killed thousands of innocent people in Panama so we can get Noriega. What a farce that was. (He got me a T-Shirt. He also vomited for months after.)

Son No.2 – Navy: Sitting on their ship, the USS America, those young men fired missiles or bombs (not sure which) into Iraq. (He got me a porcelain cat and some perfume.)

Son No. 3 – Air Force: Never talked about what he did. DSC02822Just said he had a job to do. (He got me a T-Shirt.)

Brother and Nephew – Army: Brother OK! Nephew did a lot of killing in Iraq. You people in La-La-Land should talk to him. He – a Muslim – killed lots of Muslims in Iraq. He is half mad.

Cousins in the military: Half a dozen that I know of.

All these young men were young idealistic Muslims proud to be American, proud to serve America, proud to be in uniform and risk life and limb for America.DSCN7910

Today, Muslim Americans are the evil that must be destroyed and eliminated from American soil. We are terrorists. But what about the sacrifices that my sons, my brother, my nephew, my cousins and all the other Muslim sons made for this country?

These men defended America because they considered themselves patriotic Americans. How about those that lost blood, lives and sanity?IMG_0135-1

Today, they are all in the category of terrorists because they were born Muslims and have Muslim names.

Muslim sons and soldiers: defenders of America. Now Terrorists!



The French tragedy is a blatant disregard for God and man.

Jews, Christians and Muslims believe in God. churchIf they believe in God, then they have to believe in His Prophets. The Jews accept Abraham to Moses, David and Solomon also.

The Christians accept Jesus. The Muslims must accept all the Prophets of God, from Adam to Mohammed if they are Muslims.

There is no justification on either side for what happened in France. God-skyA sinking business blaspheming a Prophet of God for financial gain is wrong. Killing people is wrong.

If a person wants to stoop low and criticize a Jew, or a Christian, or a Muslim, do so. The Jews, bless their hearts, will yell anti-Semitism. Criticize, blaspheme, slander, curse people. Kill Muslims, curse Muslims.

However, there is one thing no one should be permitted to do and that is to blaspheme and slander the Prophets of God. If we believe in God, then we must believe in his Prophets.

We must believe that God sent his Prophets to guide us,IMG_0135-1 to lead us to the sacred path. Those Prophets of God are infallible, holy, sinless, chosen, blessed, and we sinners beg for mercy and forgiveness every day of our decadent lives and should honour and respect them.

Who are we to make fun of the Prophets of God? Who gave us permission to caricature Prophet Mohammed?

It happened before, perhaps it will happen again. Christians have been waging war on Islam and Muslims since the Crusades. DSCF4284However, they should leave out the Prophet.

Perhaps it is time Christians started walking in the foot steps of the ultimate peace maker – our Messiah, Jesus Christ.

Mr. President, while you are in denial of your Muslim ancestry / heritageIMG_4201 here is some thing you can not deny. You have done more evil than good in the Middle East and it is time you leave the Muslims alone.

If you want to imprint history as the war president then you should pick fights with Russia, China, North Korea, Germany, Iran or Japan. Pick a fight with some one who could give you your money’s worth of fun.IMG_4397

Don’t you have enough Muslim blood on your little hands? Regime change and protecting dictators in oil countries is not new American foreign policy. You have done your share in the Middle East.

By God, by all that’s holy to a good Christian leader like you, haven’t you done enough evil in the birdsMiddle East? In the world? Haven’t you killed enough women and children? Haven’t you left enough people homeless? Sick? Starving? All that blood on your hands, all those tears washing your soul! When is enough, enough?

Muslim women and kids and old men are people just like Christians and Jews. They feel, they bleed, they shed tears, they feel hunger, they get sick, just like Christians and Jews.white-swan-in-sunset-patk-las-vegas

Why don’t you leave the Muslims alone? Stop punishing them. Your war on terrorism is not killing terrorists. It is killing innocent women, kids and old men. For every terrorist you kill, 1,000 more are born.

What about all those young American lives lost? Could my tax $$ be better spent? How about women and kids starving and living in shelters on American soil? Mr. President, leave the Muslims alone. Get out of the Middle East.DSCF4284

God will bless a good Christian leader like you for showing mercy on your fellow humans even if they are only worthless Muslims.


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