What a shocking surprise! Thomas Jefferson,IMG_0491 third President of the United States Of America, read the Quran.

For those who don’t know, the Quran is the holy book of the Muslims.

One wonders what TJ learned and took away from the Quran.

No doubt he was a brilliant man. He drafted the declaration flagof independence in seventeen days. Perhaps separation of church and state was one idea he got from reading the Quran. On July 4, the wording of the Declaration of Independence composed by Jefferson was finalized and signed by members of Congress.

Now, if the present members of Congress mindwith their low level of intelligence were to follow TJ’s example and get a copy of the Quran and read it, they might learn a few things about Islam and Muslims. However, one has little hope that members of the present Congress can improve their minds.IMG_0135-1

Anyway, if Thomas Jefferson can read the Quran and learn from it, then all these nincompoops masquerading as intellectuals and law-makers can read it as well.

Go for it America! Read the Quran.



All we ever hear about is racism, prejudice, hate crime, discrimination, inequality, etc. DSCN7910These are all black and brown people’s lies. Muslims are getting on the wagon too.

 Well, this is America. We have no such race, colour or religious crimes in this country. Look at the White House. We have a half-black President.

Look at how those white congressmen are falling over themselves to support his efforts to help poor black and brown people.

Racism in America? Nonsense! Whoever started those lies need a good “Saudi” whipping.flag

AN ASIDE: The air waves have been filled with MLK’s speeches to commemorate his holiday on 1-19-2015. That poor dreamer! Every word he said was true, but has anything changed in 50 years? That man had vision and spoke prophetic words. Nothing changed!

Now back to racism in America. If we had racism, prejudice, hate crimes, discrimination, inequality, etc. in America, the good religious leaders and elected officials of this great, moral, democratic country would have been working day and night to cleanse this nation of these horrible sins.ttronslien-8953

Since no one is doing anything about such sins and crimes, then they do not exist.

Someone on the radio said some thing about housing discrimination, racial steering, institutional racism, gentrification that clears out poor and blacks, etc. Lies! All nonsense!

We take good care of black and brown men – we send them to private prisons. We leave their women and kids to beg and starve.

Racism in America! Who ever heard such nonsense? Good grief, wake up people – this is the land of freedom and democracy – of white justice and black justice.



Who started Islamophobia? Where did Islamophobia come from? Suddenly Muslims are the worst people on God’s earth.God-sky

For over 1400 years Jews, Christians and Muslims have lived in the Middle East in peace. In the last 25 years Muslims have become world wide criminals and Islam, their religion, has become the source of hate and prejudice and used to spread fear among unsuspecting people.

Let’s look at the role of Christians and Christianity in creating world wide chaos for a thousand years. Remember the Christian Crusades?IMG_0135-1 European Christians including Kings, the nobility and laymen – with the Pope’s blessings – tried unsuccessfully to annihilate the Muslims in Jerusalem / Palestine, presumably to cleanse Bethlehem, the birth place of Jesus, of infidels. Perhaps infidels include Christians and Jews because they also lived there.

They annihilated hundreds of thousands of people – Jews, Christians, Muslims. Remember how the horses were knee deep in human blood in Palestine? Christian atrocities, genocide, holocaust during those 200 years of crusades will live forever.church

European Christians started the slave trade. What a world wide disaster that was and still is to this day. To think that those pious Christians would enslave their fellow human beings for material gain is so unchristian-like. What would Jesus say to such barbaric treatment of his black brothers?

European Christians (and later American Christians) have built empires on the backs of the people of Asia (India), Africa, and South America. They gave the world imperialism and colonialism, and had no shame or guilt raping and plundering the poor people of the world.Agreement

And now the holy Christians have turned their attention once again on the Islamic world with the singular intention of annihilating a people for power and economic gain.2013-01-28_09-16-34_256

Yes, European and American Christian kings and leaders are bad people and Jesus must be cringing in his heavenly abode when he looks down on earth and see what a destructive force Christianity has become.

Mass media in the US is dead. On the way to the grave-yard they killed the majority of American minds. Most of our people can no longer think critically for themselves.women

They sit in front of the TV night after night and laugh themselves to sleep. And while they are in dreamland Washington is quickly taking control of their sedentary lives and shrinking brains.

We live with domestic spying, droning, framing innocent people, war upon war, well in a word turning the US Constitution into a piece of toilet paper, and the US into a police start.men

And the free press of the US, mass media et al, sits around and applauds.

Social media on the other hand is very much alive. I must confess that my knowledge of social media is very limited. However, I have faith in the freedom they have to dispense information – truth and facts.

The people of this country need to understand how Big Brother is systematically controlling their thinking.stick-boy-and-girl If they can see and understand how government control has taken over their lives then their thinking will change. They will understand we are no different from China or Russia.

If people can understand that by controlling the information they are fed, the government is controlling their thinking, their lives, their very existence, and if they disagree with such control, then they will revolt.DSC02526

Mass media is at present helping the US government to oppress the people. Social media can change that. We need more Chelsea Mannings, more Julian Assanges, and more Edward Snowdens.





What happened to our First Amendment Rights? Journalism is dead in America! Why are so few people outraged?DSC_5769

There is no freedom of speech, no freedom of press, no freedom of information, no freedom to congregate in public places. So what freedom do we have in this country? This is the USA. Freedom used to be our God given right, our constitutionally guaranteed right. It used to set us apart from the USSR, North Korea, East Germany, China, etc.breaking news

There is no freedom of speech left in America. People are scared to write to print their thoughts. Every word we say is recorded, monitored, examined, analyzed and used against us if the government chooses to do so.

The press, the media have the right to suppress the truth and to feed the American people propaganda. And the people do not have the critical / analytical skills to see through the lies and dirt they are fed. Journalists with integrity are scared to speak out or print the truth because they get dumped in jail.P1020449

There is no freedom to congregate and speak out in public places. Ferguson most recently!

The police have become the people’s keepers. We live in a police state. In poor neighborhoods there is a camera on every corner.

What kind of a country is this President Obama?



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